OPEX Group triples space in office move


An Aberdeen-based provider of data science and predictive analysis services, OPEX Group has moved to a new state-of-the-art office following a doubling of their customer base and subsequent team expansion.

The OPEX Digital Collaboration Centre at 18 Carden Place, in the West End of Aberdeen, is more than three times the size of their previous space at 10,000 square feet spread across three floors and incorporates the latest technology and collaborative workspaces.

A significant amount of the firm’s investment in the new premises has been spent on the fit out of the office, the infrastructure and new technology.

Jamie Bennett, Chairman and CEO of OPEX Group said: “The office move is an important milestone for OPEX, marking the expansion of the business.  Since the start of the year we have more than doubled our customer base and grown the size of our data science, engineering and administration teams.  The office move was primarily to accommodate this growth but has also provided us with an opportunity to invest heavily in new technology. 

Jamie Bennett, Chairman and CEO of OPEX Group

“As well as starting to work with a number of new customers including operating companies such as BP, TAQA and Dana since the start of the year, some of our existing customers have also significantly expanded our services across their installations.

“Our new office space allows our data scientists, data analysts and engineering teams to work more collaboratively with our customers, utilising the latest technology, some of which is the first of its kind to be installed in the country.”

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