OnPath Energy secures lifespan extension for successful South Lanarkshire wind farm

Middle Muir Wind Farm

A PLANNING application for the extension to the permitted lifespan of a successful South Lanarkshire Wind Farm has been approved by the Energy Consents Unit (ECU) securing the ability to operate the site for up to 40 years.

OnPath Energy, formerly Banks Renewables was originally given permission to run Middle Muir Wind Farm for 25 years in September 2014.

However, having carried out regular maintenance work at the site and following review of its ongoing operational performance, OnPath Energy last year applied for permission to extend the lifespan of the fifteen-turbine site by 15 years.

The proposal to extend the project was approved late last year, allowing Middle Muir Wind Farm to produce renewable energy for longer under the existing operational conditions.

In the last financial year from October 2022 to September 2023, the site near Douglas produced around 92,000 MWh of renewable energy. Since 2020 alone, Middle Muir Wind Farm has directly contributed over £350,000 to local groups via the South Lanarkshire Council’s Renewable Energy Fund (REF).

Gordon Thomson, projects director at OnPath Energy said: “Middle Muir Wind Farm has been successfully generating significant amounts of clean green electricity for over half a decade now.

“Our aim is to maximise the environmental, energy security and social benefits that all our onshore wind farms can deliver, and we are very pleased that that we have the ability to increase the contribution that Middle Muir Wind Farm can make towards helping the UK achieve its Net Zero targets.

“Many local communities have already benefited from revenues generated by the wind farm and the lifetime extension means that it could deliver more community funding over a longer period to support projects in the surrounding areas.”

Middle Muir was granted its original planning permission by the Scottish Government Energy Consents and Deployment Unit, as was, in September 2014. Construction work was completed in December 2018 and the wind farm has been fully operational since.

In its short lifetime so far, Middle Muir has awarded grants between £10,000 and £100,000 to groups facilitating a range of local developments, from constructing disabled access at Douglas Victoria Bowling Club to supporting a campus refurbishment in Abington.

Gordon added: “Renewable energy is crucial for a sustainable future and we’re proud of the role we are playing across South Lanarkshire. This extension allows us to further extend  renewable electricity generation while  creating a positive legacy and enhancing value for local communities.”

Wind farm life extensions form part of OnPath Energy’s long-term vision to extend the life of existing wind farms across its project portfolio, with a regular maintenance and servicing which in turn maximises the generation of renewable electricity, local community benefits whilst supporting the UK’s drive towards Net Zero.

OnPath Energy is the new name for Banks Renewables. OnPath Energy is currently building a new website as part of the re-brand process. Until the new website is ready all project information and news will remain at www.banksgroup.co.uk/renewables.

For more information on Middle Muir Wind Farm, visit: https://www.banksgroup.co.uk/projects/middle-muir/

For more information on Wind Farm Life Extensions, visit:  https://www.banksgroup.co.uk/projects/wind-farm-life-extensions/

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