One week left to invest in Scotland’s pioneering rewilding project

Dr Jeremy Leggett (Founder and CEO of Highlands Rewilding)

HIGHLANDS Rewilding is issuing a final call for local investors to join its growing body of citizen rewilders and invest in restoring Scotland’s nature-depleted landscapes, as it prepares to reach the conclusion of its crowdfunding campaign on May 16th. A key aim is to preserve the future stability of rural businesses and communities that rely on resources nature provides.

Leading the charge in turning Scotland’s biodiversity future around, over 650 ‘citizen rewilders’, 43% of whom live in Scotland, have already pledged over £1 million to support the UK’s first mass-ownership company dedicated to taking nature restoration and community prosperity to scale, through rewilding.

Highlands Rewilding aims to play a lead role in harnessing the power of nature and diverting private investments from ruin to restoration. With no current economic reward system in place for protecting biodiversity in Scotland, Highlands Rewilding is working to make nature recovery ethically profitable, with the view that funding from its investment campaign will help drive a system change in that landowners will receive economic reward for protecting nature and uplifting biodiversity. 

Founder and CEO of Highlands Rewilding, Dr Jeremy Leggett, a former Greenpeace Director, said: “Every penny invested will help plant trees, restore biodiversity, sequester carbon and develop the science and data accounting we need to support the recovery of nature on a global scale.” 

“Through rewilding we can help provide local rural communities acquire the tools with which to adapt and thrive in less nature depleted landscapes, combatting the extremes of climate change. We have shown with our own growing team of 22 that rewilding can create local sustainable jobs, including within regenerative agriculture, and we also supporting local apprenticeships, internships and teaming up with a local high school to run a series of outdoor education classes.  

Dr Calum Brown, Highlands Rewilding’s Co-Chief Scientist said, “for me rewilding means the chance to live and work in the place where I grew up, to improve the environment for my children, seeing peatlands restored, native woodlands growing, and wildlife flourishing.”

In a project that began three years ago, aiming to reverse nature-loss in Scotland and beyond, the mass-ownership company is nearing the end of its latest funding campaign, extending its stretch target to £1.1 million and 1000 investors. The addition of a third estate to its portfolio, the 3,500-acre Tayvallich Estate in Argyll, has brought with it huge potential for Temperate Atlantic Rainforest restoration.

Larger investors and financial institutions including the UK Infrastructure Bank (UKIB), who committed £12 million to support the Tayvallich acquisition, have also joined forces to raise many millions more, helping Highlands Rewilding expand its operations and take rewilding to scale in Scotland.

Founder and CEO of Highlands Rewilding, Dr Jeremy Leggett, a former Greenpeace Director, said: “With the current economic backdrop in mind, we cautiously reached out to ‘citizen rewilders’ to help raise £500,000, with investments typically starting from £50. We were overwhelmed by the response and support we received, particularly from the local communities surrounding our three sites.

“The results we have seen give a feel for how people long to see biodiversity collapse and climate meltdown turned around, and with every day we become just that bit more optimistic and hopeful about the future of our planet, in the hands of so many who care.”

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