Ofgem introduces queue management process to expedite renewable energy connections

image of Stephen McKellar

IN A significant move aimed at accelerating the integration of new and existing renewable energy projects into the electricity network, Ofgem has implemented a queue management process for construction agreements. The initiative, introduced on November 13, seeks to address the time constraints associated with connecting renewable energy projects to the grid, a crucial aspect in meeting net-zero targets.

Responding to this development, Stephen McKellar, Senior Policy Manager at Scottish Renewables, emphasised the urgency of timely action in achieving net-zero goals. He stated, “Time is of the essence if we want to meet our net-zero targets. One of the key barriers net-zero faces is the time it can take for renewable energy generation projects to connect to the electricity network.”

McKellar commended the decision to incorporate queue management milestones into network connection contracts, considering it a fair and proportionate method for managing the increasing number of projects awaiting connection. Developers now have the opportunity to demonstrate that their projects are on schedule to meet their connection dates, a process expected to expedite the deployment of clean power projects.

“Scottish Renewables believes that adding queue management milestones to network connection contracts is a fair and proportionate method of dealing with the growing number of projects in the connection queue. Developers can now demonstrate that their projects are on schedule to meet their connection date – a process which will ultimately bring more clean power projects online, quicker,” McKellar affirmed.

However, he also stressed the importance of informed decision-making in the process, cautioning that any decisions to relocate or remove projects with connection agreements should be based on the best available evidence to prevent unintended consequences.

The introduced queue management process is outlined in CMP376, detailing the inclusion of the Queue Management process within the CUSC. Ofgem’s approval of new rules for the ESO to proactively manage the connections queue is a crucial step in streamlining the connection process for renewable energy projects.

For further information on the queue management process, you can refer to CMP376: “Inclusion of Queue Management process within the CUSC.”

To learn more about Ofgem’s approval of new rules for the ESO, visit Ofgem’s official announcement.

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