North Berwick firmed dubbed only Scottish converter of biggest VW van

Simon Poole (Jerba Campervans)

A NORTH BERWICK campervan converter has revealed it will begin converting Volkswagen’s biggest commercial vehicle.

The announcement will make Jerba Campervans the only VW Motorhome Qualified converter in Scotland of the global manufacturer’s Crafter van.

Stretching between 6 to 7.4 metres, the van can accommodate a load volume of up to 18.4 cubic metres.

Jerba Campervans has already finished one Crafter van, and is currently working on its second for another customer.

Co-founder of Jerba Campervans, Simon Poole, said: “The transformation of our first Crafter van marked a big step for us here at Jerba.

“We are looking forward to converting even more Crafters for our customers, and hope it will provide them with the perfect travelling experience.

“It’s the perfect-sized van and is extremely versatile. It has a particularly comfortable cab, which means you can take it on even longer journeys and is more economical than most vans of its size.”

Jerba Campervans specialises in converting and customising Volkswagen Transporter vans for those passionate about adventure and the outdoors.

The firm has recently been granted planning permission to expand its workshop this year following a £210,000 investment.

This expansion will increase the converter’s production capacity with new equipment on the cards, as well as a bespoke spray booth for painting a variety of campervans and leisure vehicles – the first of its kind in Scotland.

Converting Volkswagen T6.1 models, the North Berwick based firm is officially recognised by Volkswagen as a Motorhome Qualified Converter, and is the only firm in Scotland to receive this qualification.

The firm became employee-owned in January 2018 and has seen productivity increase year-on-year, with a commitment to employee well-being, representation, diversity and inclusion at the core of its ethos.

With a dedicated and flexible team, the Jerba Campervans family adapts to the needs of its customers, creating a house on wheels with the highest UK level of road safety, ensuring that customers have a safe and stylish ride.

To find out more about Jerba Campervans, visit

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