New Wellbeing Festival comes to Glasgow in May

The first Southside Wellbeing Festival takes place in Glasgow this month

THE FIRST ever Southside Wellbeing Festival takes place in Glasgow this month. 

The Southside Wellbeing Festival, in Partnership with Finn’s Place, The Wee Retreat CIC and The Southside Fringe, will boast lots of free events to boost the wellbeing and mental health of Southside Glasgow. 

The festival is generously funded by Glasgow Community Mental Health Fund and aims to increase the wellbeing of southsiders by introducing a variety of exciting activities from meditation, to fermentation, poetry and more. 

What’s On?

On Friday 20th May, the festival kicks off with a celebration of World Meditation Day. There will be a free morning meditation session held at The Wee Retreat CIC. Later that evening, The Wellbeing Fair will take place at Finn’s Place where visitors can find out more about what they can do to improve your wellbeing – from yoga, creative writing, massage, pilates, exercise, meditation and more. Expect taster sessions of music and drumming as well as refreshments. Both these events on Friday are open to the public and free. 

On Saturday 21st May, The Wee Retreat are hosting their Wee Open Day. Expect a fun-filled day of taster sessions, delicious finger foods  and some child friendly activities to keep everyone entertained. Meanwhile, over at Finn’s Place, visitors will be able to take part in workshops by MILK Cafe, Scottish Ballet. There are lots of activities from learning how to ferment your own vegetables to having a go at dancing to improve your mental, physical and social wellbeing. 

Finally on Sunday 22nd May, Finn’s Place will be hosting an afternoon of breath yoga, in which particpants can find out how breathing techniques can help support better mental and physical health. At The Wee Retreat, they will be able to take part in an Introduction to Yin Yoga workshop.

The event closes with a poetry share workshop at The Wee Retreat, which promises to be an informal afternoon of nourishment as they share poetry aloud.

Tickets and Prices

All of the events at The Southside Wellbeing Festival are completely free with the exception of Sunday’s Introduction to Yin Yoga and Breath Yoga workshops. These classes cost £5 and tickets can be purchased online. 

You can find out more about the events by visiting . Alternatively, look up The Wee Retreat CIC, Finn’s Place or Facebook @SouthsideWellbeingFestival. 

Some events require pre booking as spaces are limited, and the Fermentation Workshop by MILK Cafe has already sold out. 

The Southside Wellbeing Festival runs as part of the Southside Fringe Festival 2022. It is co-organized by The Wee Retreat CIC, a meditation and wellness centre in Glasgow which hosts various mindfulness workshops and community events on a weekly basis. The festival is also organised by the charity Finn’s Place, a centre for community wellbeing which provides local residents a plethora of exciting wellbeing activities to improve local mental health. The event hopes to engage with southsiders to provide an insight into how mindfulness and wellbeing can influence and improve their lives. 

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