New study reveals Edinburgh Airport is the most congested in the UK

UK Airport Congestion map

NEW research from travel money expert eurochange, has revealed which major UK airports have the most congestion, based on average journey times throughout the year. 

The study calculated journey times for each month of the year, using data gathered from Google map throughout 2022. The journey calculated was based on a 30-mile trip, which is the average distance a UK resident lives from an airport, according to Statista, and then gave each an overall average time.

Birmingham International Airport was found to have the shortest average travel time throughout the year at just 35 minutes.

London Gatwick ranked a close second with an average journey time of 36.25 minutes. 

Gatwick is something of a surprise second, given how busy the airport is, with an estimated 850 flights taking off daily, and the fact it’s in London, the travel time is remarkably quick. 

Perhaps less surprisingly, given its much more remote location, Aberdeen Dyce placed next with an average journey time of 37.5 minutes. 

Newcastle (42.5 minutes) and London Heathrow (47 minutes) completed the top five with the latter being higher up than expected, given it is the largest airport in the UK, and located towards the outskirts of the capital.

There wasn’t much to separate Heathrow, from sixth place Glasgow Airport which had a marginally longer journey time of 47.7 minutes. 

Cardiff, Bristol and Manchester airports followed, with travel times to these airports coming in at around the 50-minute mark. 

Scotland’s largest airport, Edinburgh, was found to have the biggest average journey time, with a 30-mile trip taking almost an hour (59.3 minutes) to complete.

Around 313 flights leave the Scottish capital’s airport per day, making it the sixth busiest airport in the UK. 

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