New kids’ sleepover service launches across the UK

From left Nadia Grant, Alli Grant, Callum Ferguson and Susan Ferguson
From left Nadia Grant, Alli Grant, Callum Ferguson and Susan Ferguson

Two Glasgow mums, fed up with the hassle of hosting sleepovers for their children and their friends and washing all the bedding, are launching a new sleepover service across the UK following a successful three months’ trial.

Friends Susan Ferguson and Nadia Grant, who have been working together on various businesses since their respective late teens/early twenties, saw a gap in the market for professionalising the age-old slumber party. They decided to set up a hire company renting out the likes of sleeping bags, sheets, airbeds and individual nightlights, complete with mugs and hot chocolate making kits.

Everything is delivered to the customer’s door and after the event a courier is arranged to pick it all up; the bedding is sent to be laundered.  Any supplies no longer in prime rentable condition, such as sleeping bags, are donated to local people who find themselves homeless.

Today (9th May) marks National Sleepover Day and now in their thirties, the ‘Sleep Star’ founders, delighted by the feedback they’ve been receiving since introducing the concept in February this year, are officially introducing their service throughout the UK.

Susan said:  “We all lead increasingly busy and demanding lives and we know first-hand the challenge of keeping all the balls in the air.  We decided we could make life easier for other mums while establishing a business we really enjoy running.”  

Nadia added:  “Our service simplifies something children love doing.  It’s fair to say that not many mums love the laundry involved though so we take the stress away and put in some added extras for a great party.  We’re also passionate about helping the homeless and the environment:  our idea ensures that airbeds and bedding are reused rather than relegated to the loft or thrown out.  We have also chosen a courier that makes the journey carbon neutral.  We hope parents will sleep soundly as well as their children!”

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