New Edinburgh Consultancy launched to Shake Up AI Ethics

The Ethical Intelligence Associates team
The Ethical Intelligence Associates team

After a successful pilot testing, Ethical Intelligence Associates (EI) is set to host their public launch event on 29 August 2019 at the Apothecary Bar [No.8 Lister Square, Simpson Loan, Edinburgh EH3 9GL]. The event will begin at 7:00PM with a presentation on the results of the pilot testing, followed by the official announcement of EI’s international Advisory Board. 

EI is a service-based Edinburgh startup that provides bespoke solutions to companies looking to navigate the newly developing field of Ethics of AI. Founded in June 2019 by co-founders Anna van Oosterzee and Olivia Gambelin, EI spent the summer months of June and July pilot testing what would become the company’s custom methodology for developing ethical solutions. Working with three interdisciplinary teams of five to six postgraduates, EI successfully delivered comprehensible charters, protocols, and assessments to The Data for Children Collaborative – a Scottish Government and UNICEF entity, Franklin Templeton Investments, and the University of Edinburgh on student mental health during the final week of July 2019. 

Ever since the ethical scandals such as Cambridge Analytica and Volkswagen broke, the general public have begun to doubt the transparency of companies using AI and Big Data, and therefor have lost trust in those that cannot prove that they operate in an ethical manner. Because of this, seven in ten millennials will not invest or use a company’s products unless there is evidence of ethical practices concerning AI development and data usage, and 74% are willing to pay more for products and services that have been ethically proven. EI enables companies to prove ethical authenticity to their consumers, thus mitigating the risk of an ethical misstep and increasing public opinion of the company. 

Gambelin says “We are bringing the human back into AI to make it more responsible and, while we really do want to push AI development forward, we want it to be done in a responsible manner than keeps human dignity at the centre of it.”

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