New eco-glamping resort featuring augmented reality to open near Edinburgh

Mythtopia in West Linton is built on the site of a former golf course

LUXURY glamping, augmented reality (AR) and NFTs are all part of the experience offered by a revolutionary new eco-glamping resort – Mythtopia – due to open near Edinburgh, in Spring 2024. 

Situated among 200 acres of preserved green land and located just 20 minutes from the Scottish capital, Mythtopia is the ideal place for families to experience nature while embarking on an immersive AR adventure. Mythtopia will also be the UK’s first holiday destination exclusive to NFT token holders.

Mythtopia will feature 150 low-carbon impact geometric domes and lodges, along with a restaurant, clubhouse, bar, and spa. 

Each guest will receive access to a wealth of activities including a geofenced augmented reality playground based on ancient Celtic mythology called ‘Mythtopia Legends’. The game allows players to explore the natural woodland environment while following a spellbinding story of mythical creatures. 

Participants can build their own AR character, interact with talking trees and dwarves, and go on mystical missions alongside the characters of their friends and family. Using Celtic legends, this unique AR experience will create a ‘digital theme park’ perfect for families, couples, gamers, and LARPers.

Guests can also get involved in a wide variety of other activities to help them enjoy the natural world. The eco-resort will offer open water swimming in its own lake, stargazing opportunities, horse riding, yoga classes, and silent disco parties.

In addition, by visiting Mythtopia, eco-tourists and glampers can help to rewild the forest and restore the natural environment. Simply buying an NFT will support Mythtopia on its mission to plant over 120,000 trees.

All NFT holders can stay at Mythtopia for up to three nights every year to keep reliving the magic, and can take up to three other guests (four people in total) along with them. Alternatively, investors could choose to stake their NFTs to earn a percentage of the booking revenue over their allocated nights.

With the first mint date set for mid-October 2023, other exciting developments include customers being able to purchase a cryptocurrency token called OXEGEN (OXE), which is like a ‘digital carbon credit’, where the liquidity will come from the carbon credits of trees planted. 

Founder of Mythtopia, Oliver Pyle-Santini, said, “Through Mythtopia, we are aiming to create a Scottish getaway with a difference in this new digital landscape, as well as an amazing experience to help unite families, teenagers, and adults alike.

“Something like this has never really been done before, and by blending together eco-tourism, gaming and the cryptosphere, we’re hoping to create a new era for travel and tourism. We have been very careful to maintain the cultural heritage of the land the site sits on, by entwining Celtic stories into the experience for all ages to enjoy.”

To learn more about Mythtopia and how investors, nature-lovers and adventure-seekers can get involved in this unique opportunity, visit Mythtopia.

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