New data reveals Dundee as cheapest city for a night out this Christmas

Dundee city centre

DUNDEE offers residents the most affordable night out in the UK this Christmas, new data can reveal, while London takes the top spot for being the most expensive city. 

The research analysed data on the most populated areas in the UK on Expatistan to find where people can enjoy a night out at the lowest cost during this festive period. The analysis was based on prices for a pint of beer, a cocktail, a fast-food meal and a taxi fare. 

The study revealed that Dundee is the most affordable city for a night out, with an average cost of £25.35. In terms of drinks, Dundee offers low prices such as an average of £3.08 for a pint and £7 for a cocktail. After finishing their drinks, party-goers in Dundee only need to spend an average of £5.27 for a fast-food meal and then an average £10 taxi fare to get them home for the night. 

The city of Cardiff came in second with the average cost of a night out for a resident being £27.33. The Welsh capital offers low prices on many aspects of a night out such as the average cost of a pint of beer being £3.43, the fourth most affordable in the UK. Cardiff also has the fourth most affordable taxi fare in the UK with an average trip of five miles totalling to £11.  

Leeds topped the list for the cheapest fast-food meal at £4.82 whilst the city of Leicester provided the most affordable pint in the UK at only £3.03. 

The research found that Swansea was the third most affordable city for a night out. The average cost of a night out in Swansea would be £27.35, and it is the cheapest city in the UK to drink cocktails, with an average price of just £5.66 per drink. The popular Welsh beach city can also offer the third cheapest pint in the UK with the average cost coming to £3.21. 

Top 10 most affordable cities in the UK for a night out this Christmas
City Average cost of a pint of beer Average cost of a cocktail Average cost of a fast-food combo meal Average cost of a taxi fare (5 miles) Total average cost 
Dundee £3.08 £7 £5.27 £10 £25.35 
Cardiff £3.43 £7 £5.90 £11 £27.33 
Swansea £3.21 £5.66 £5.48 £13 £27.35  
York £4.58 £7 £5.56 £11 £28.14 
Norwich £3.95 £8 £5.33 £11 £28.28 
Belfast £4.42£8£5.92£12£30.34

In contrast, London was revealed to be the priciest city to enjoy a night out with an average total cost of £49.66, almost double that of a night out in Dundee. 

London had the highest cost for every aspect of a night out apart from the cost of a fast-food meal. Cambridge is the most expensive city for a fast-food meal with an average cost of £7.  

Oxford was the second most expensive city for a night out. It has the second highest taxi fare for an average five-mile journey, costing £24, only two pounds less than London, which could be attributed to the city’s status as a cycling city. The total cost for a cocktail and a pint in Oxford was found to be an average of £12.49.  

The analysis revealed Brighton as the third most expensive city in the UK to have a night out, setting someone back by £37.12. Brighton had the third most expensive fast-food meal prices from the UK cities analysed, costing £5.96. The popular beach city also had the second highest beer price in the UK, totalling £5.16 per pint.  

Commenting on the study, a spokesperson from said: “The cost-of-living crisis has restricted a lot of activity for many over the past year, however during this festive period, many will be looking for a fun and festive night without having to break the bank. This study offers a fascinating insight into the locations that offer the best deals. With the cost of a night out in London being almost double that of a night out in Dundee, party-goers in the capital will need plenty of money-saving savvy to have a good night that doesn’t drain their Christmas savings.” 

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