New Board Appointment Boosts Vert Rotors

Brian Williamson
Brian Williamson

Award-winning entrepreneur Brian Williamson has joined the board of one of Scotland’s most promising young engineering companies as it gears up for commercial expansion on the back of its patented ground-breaking technology.

Brian has joined Edinburgh-based Vert Rotors as Investor Director looking after the interests of Equity Gap, the syndicate of Scottish business investors headed by chairman Jock Millican. Equity Gap holds a 16% share in Vert following its original investment in the firm in 2016.

This latest appointment adds to Brian’s extensive track record of business interests which spans more than 20 years. He is currently chairman of Glasgow-based sales and marketing company 4icg, which he joined earlier this year following the successful sale of another venture – R&D tax credit specialist Jumpstart – to French technology firm Visiativ.

Brian began his career with Weir Pumps, after which he secured his first managing director’s position at the age of 26. From there he later went on to establish himself as an investor with a reputation for helping firms reach their full potential, which in May 2016 earned him the Lifetime Achievement Award for his contributions to entrepreneurship from WeDO Scotland.

Founded in 2013, Vert Rotors has developed a revolutionary new type of compressor technology that is smaller and quieter than traditional twin-screw devices, while also capable of continuous running. This Conical Rotary Compressor (CRC) technology has been hailed as the biggest innovation in the compressed air industry in 40 years.

“It is a clever piece of patented engineering that is disrupting the traditional compressor market which is really interesting.” Brian said.

“It takes me back to my days when I was at Weir Pumps, and the smell of coolant was in my nostrils often.”

In addition to looking after the interests of cornerstone investor Equity Gap, Brian will also help Vert accelerate innovation in the world’s industries from its low noise, high pressure compressed air. This in turn will lead to quieter, more comfortable workplaces.

His appointment coincides with the arrival of new chief executive Phil Harris, who has vast experience in the manufacturing industry. There have also been other key management hires as Vert is entering a new commercially-driven phase to bring its patented technology to the market.

Phil said: “It’s fantastic to have Brian on board at this exciting time for Vert Rotors. His experience will provide invaluable guidance as this company pursues its mission to bring this incredible technology to life.”

Equity Gap was among a number of investors in 2016 that helped Vert scale up manufacturing capabilities at its compressor design centre in Edinburgh. Others who participated in that funding round were: the Scottish Investment Bank, which now owns 24% of the company; Par Equity, which has a 16% stake; and US-based Aero-Den, which owns 7% of the equity.

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