Net Zero Nation launches framework for SME’s to achieve climate change goals

The East Ayrshire cohort receiving their Foundation certificates at their graduation from Year 1 with East Ayrshire Council.

MANY SMEs aspire to become more sustainable and contribute to a net zero future, but often don’t know where to begin. This week, Net Zero Nation ( is launching a nationwide initiative to support companies in their pursuit of sustainability and climate action.

The official launch of the Rolling Net Zero Accelerator will take place at Dynamic Earth, Edinburgh, on Thursday, June 20th.

Nearly three years ago, Net Zero Nation, a not-for-profit social enterprise, introduced the innovative Net Zero Accelerator program. Since then, the program has empowered hundreds of SMEs to develop and implement Net Zero strategies, making them more resilient, efficient, and competitive while addressing climate change.

Gavin Tweedie, CEO and Founder of Net Zero Nation, reflected: “The last three years have flown by since we launched the first pilot Accelerator program. We’ve since run 15 cohorts, and the advocacy from companies in the first three years has inspired more to join the movement and speed up their Net Zero plans. Our main goal is to build the confidence to act. When companies see the benefits others are gaining by treating Net Zero as a business opportunity, it encourages them to prioritise it. We are looking forward to attending the ESG Innovation Summit this week and meeting with organisations equally determined to collaboratively go faster and further in tackling climate change and become stronger as a result.”

One notable success story is from an Ayrshire company in the Net Zero Accelerator program, which secured a national seven-figure contract, outcompeting much larger international firms, and received commendation for the quality and credibility of their Net Zero plan. Such rewards await those who prioritise a credible Net Zero strategy as a business imperative.

Net Zero Nation goes beyond ticking boxes, meeting minimum requirements, and adopting short-term approaches. They focus on deeply integrating Net Zero into business operations through a multi-year program, recognising that this transition takes time. Their program offers a realistic, time-based transformation of operations, brand, and culture, supported by a community of like-minded individuals who provide the inspiration and confidence to take action.

The Accelerator program supports groups of SMEs over a year, fostering peer review, shared progress, and collective learning. Participants benefit from Net Zero Nation’s ecosystem services, including a Net Zero certified business directory and fortnightly learning and networking sessions. They also receive carbon accounting software, training, expert assistance, a validated carbon reduction plan aligned with Science-Based Targets, and certification, ensuring a clearly defined pathway to Net Zero. This comprehensive support structure continuously available over a period of years equips SMEs to make significant contributions to climate change mitigation and achieve long-term sustainable success.

Net Zero Nation will be joined at the summit by ESG Disclose ( with Founders Dr Bimal Roy Bhanu and Nadeem Shakoor who are supplying ground-breaking ESG Readiness solutions using AI and years of expertise to allow Investment Managers and Business Leaders to assess and benchmark organisations with comprehensive assessments and gap analysis reporting on ESG.

For further information please visit or call 07710 129845. To attend the summit please visit:

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