Multi-Million Pound Investment set for Carnoustie with new housing and Industrial park

Gavin Watson, Commercial Manager and David Laing, Chairman of DJ Laing Group at the Pitskelly Site, Carnoustie.

AN APPLICATION has been recently submitted for Approval of Matters Specified in Conditions, relating to the Planning Permission in Principle granted for a development site at Upper Victoria/Pitskelly, Carnoustie. The major application is a joint venture by Carnoustie developer DJ Laing Group Ltd and Persimmon Homes North Scotland; incorporating local agents Voigt Architects Limited, T A Millard Scotland Limited and DWA Landscaping Limited.

The original masterplan was the future vision of the late Heinz Voigt of the Voigt Partnership and Joint Venture Partner David Laing, Chairman of the DJ Laing Group.  The current proposal has been the result of many years of hard work to build on the vision for the expansion of Carnoustie. The proposal incorporates 2 distinct and separate elements of a new industrial/business park and a housing development.

The original Planning Application was promoted to Angus Council and incorporated as part of their local plan, and was submitted in June 2014 being granted on 19 December 2016 and will look to discharge the conditions as part of the original consent. The application was validated on the 16th December 2019.

Karen Nicoll, Managing Director of DJ Laing Group Ltd said:

“The submission of this major planning application is the culmination of many years of hard work, including the commissioning of a wide range of technical support studies which underpin the application and meetings with Angus planners and a number of other key agencies.

The Pitskelly project represents a significant investment by DJ Laing Group Ltd, a locally based company, in the future of Angus generally and the town of Carnoustie in particular. It is expected that work will commence during the early part of 2020. The new housing will be delivered in accord with the housing programme envisaged by Angus Council.”

The industrial/business park will be developed by the DJ Laing Group consisting of Phase 1 (14 acres) creating a large modern business park (Consisting of Class 4 Business, Class 5 General Industrial, Class 6 Storage and Distribution) for Carnoustie incorporating a wide range of potential new units providing direct access to the Upper Victoria A92 road network also providing increased opportunity for businesses within the town including the relocation of the DJ Laing Group to the new industrial/business park reducing heavy goods traffic within the town.

The joint venture partner, Persimmon Homes North Scotland, will provide new mainstream and much needed affordable housing in Carnoustie and South Angus. Housing will be developed in two phases – 195 in phase 1 and 55 in phase 2, including the provision of 63 new affordable houses. It is estimated the development will create excess of 250-300  jobs within the local economy, with further jobs created from new and current business expansion which will create new opportunities locally.

The housing development looks to generate an estimated 50 million worth of investment to the local economy and a further estimated 20 million with the industrial/business park build.

The detailed application had consultations from Archaeologists, Ecological Consultants, Flooding and Drainage specialists to ensure positive impacts will been made for local economy. The applicant has also agreed to supporting local transport services over an initial 3 year period to link the site to Carnoustie via public transport.

The development will also include a financial contribution to support local education in line with Planning requirements and incorporates green and public space developed to create positive pleasant spaces for future use.

David Laing, Chairman of the DJ Laing Group said:

“This is a tremendous opportunity for our company and Carnoustie. Local businesses will be able to achieve their expansion plans without relocating outwith the town. The increasing demand for small starter units by new and small businesses will also be accommodated. Ultimately, this project will secure local employment and apprenticeships and stimulate growth in the local economy. This will contribute to the regeneration of this part of town and help meet housing need within the town and more generally in south Angus. It will guarantee a strong future for our workforce.”

Alison Smith, Service Leader of Angus Economic Development Department commented via a  formal response to the planning application:

“I support the increased opportunity for people to work locally helping to secure the future of local services and businesses and supporting the wider economy. Development of this type contributes to a thriving local economy. Active local companies with potential for growth provide scope for further job creation and contribute to a network of mutually supportive businesses.

Within Angus Council’s own Commercial Property Portfolio there has been a high occupancy level for a sustained period (over 90%), with enquiries high and demand in particular for small to medium-sized industrial units. This proposal would help meet that demand in that respect.

I believe that this development will result in an increase in employment figures, within Angus. Increased employment underpins everything we do in Economic Development and I support this proposal particularly with its potential for creating local jobs for local people.

The proposed activity aligns directly with the Angus Community Planning Partnership Community Plan and the Local Outcomes of developing ‘an inclusive and sustainable economy’, providing ‘more opportunities for people to achieve success’ and ‘attractive employment opportunities’. Overall I believe this development will benefit the local Angus economy.”

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