Midlothian MP urges local people to back Public Service Day – and say ‘thank you’

Boundless - School Teacher

MIDLOTHIAN MP Owen Thompson is backing a campaign to raise the profile of Public Service Day which falls on Wednesday 23 June.

The day, officially launched by the United Nations as long ago as 2003, has barely been recognised in the UK until two years ago, when public sector and civil service membership club Boundless took up the cause.

Now it is gaining increasing recognition, with support from all parties after a year in which public service heroes were very much to the fore.

Darren Milton at Boundless said: “Public Service Day is all about people saying ‘thank you’ to those who work in the public service for all the work they do for the country.

“It’s especially relevant this year after the pandemic, with nurses, firefighters, teachers, administrators and police officers doing everything they can to save lives and keep the country going.

“We are delighted to see so many MPs support the campaign, including Owen Thompson in Midlothian. It’s a day which can bring us all together in appreciation.”

Owen Thompson, who has been a member of Parliament for Midlothian since 2019, had no hesitation in backing the campaign.

He said: “Today is a chance to thank all public sector workers, whether behind the scenes or on the frontline, for delivering the vital services that keep the country running. Public sector staff have been taking a lot of the strain – and often a lot of the stick – in this last year. They have struggled to keep going under the pandemic pressure, working long hours while resources are stretched to the limit. I can’t thank them enough for their dedication and commitment, it makes a real difference to countless lives.”

There have been incredible examples all over the country of those in public service going over and beyond to help others during the pandemic.

In fact, a survey commissioned by Boundless found almost three-quarters – 72 per cent – of the UK’s public service heroes have undertaken volunteer work or raised money to help others during the pandemic – even whilst trying to save lives.

The results also showed those in public service have raised on average £8,131 per person for charity during the course of their career.

There is still work to do, however, to say thank you. A Boundless survey revealed that a worrying 58 per cent of people working in public service don’t feel appreciated enough by the public.

People across the country can help change that by getting behind Public Service Day. For more information, inspirational stories, and tips on how to get involved, please visit www.boundless.co.uk/publicserviceday

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