Marlin Industries continues drive to reduce carbon emissions

Ian Gadsby (Managing Director Ylem Energy)

LEADING manufacturing and logistics business, Marlin Industries, has taken a further step to reduce its environmental impact through the installation of a new solar-PV array at its site in Hawick in the Scottish Borders.

The 328.13 kWp solar system, has been designed an installed by on-site energy generation specialist, YLEM Energy, and will see Marlin Industries save 61 tonnes of carbon each year, and over 1,380 tonnes over the lifetime of the contract.

The system has been designed to specifically meet Marlin Industries site load requirements, ensuring the energy it uses during daylight hours is renewable.

Commenting on the installation of the new solar array, Marlin Industries Chief Executive, John Droog said: “At Marlin Industries we are committed to reducing the impact our business has on the environment. Working with YLEM Energy, our solar arrays in Hawick and Wrexham will save over 2,760 tonnes of carbon over the next 25 years.”

John added: “The recent volatility in the energy market, and our long-term goal of being carbon neutral gave us the impetus to take control of our energy generation, and guarantee cheap and sustainable energy for years to come.”

YLEM Energy Managing Director, Ian Gadsby said: “For businesses such as Marlin Industries, having a secure, low-cost and sustainable supply of energy is vital for their business objectives. By offsetting over three-quarters of its site load requirements through on-site generation, it can plan and budget accordingly rather than those businesses who solely rely on energy from the grid, and the price fluctuations that come with it.

The Solar PV solution will be fully funded through YLEM Energy’s Dynamic Power Purchase Agreement (DPPA). The scheme sees YLEM Energy partner with energy-intensive businesses to secure their electricity consumption at a lower rate than National Grid Supplied Power, at no extra cost. To date, the DPPA has saved YLEM’s customers over 1.1m MtCO2.

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