Malta citizenship for Israelis citizens: Benefits and Requirements


EVERY user calculates the options of further existence in the light of financial and political instability. Citizenship of another country is an effective method of expanding your own prospects. Having a second passport opens access to free movement around the world, education in a well-known university, cooperation with global banking institutions and other advantages. It is only necessary to choose a country where the stay will be comfortable.

Malta is a small country located on the Mediterranean islands. Nevertheless, thousands of tourists, expats, people who want to obtain Malta citizenship.visit it every year. It is due not only to the unique beauty, comfortable conditions of stay, insanely delicious viands and Maltese hospitality. Important reasons are the following: 

membership of the European Union;

developed gaming industry;

economic sector;

tourism and others.

All this shows the financial stability that many countries lack.

Malta Citizenship by Investment Program

What drives people to take such actions? Due to the tense situation with Palestine, many citizens of Israel are looking for a safe haven for themselves and their families. Life is given to a person once, and therefore it is necessary to live it with dignity, calmly, being confident in the future. The admissibility of dual citizenship both in Israel and Malta is considered favorable, which greatly simplifies the procedure of processing. 

The official representation offers favorable conditions for obtaining a second passport: by naturalization for exceptional services through direct investment. In this case, permanent residence in the territory of the country is not required. 

Benefits of Maltese Citizenship for Israeli Citizens

According to the expert on Malta’s investment program Albert Loffe (Imin-Malta company), acquiring maltese citizenship for israeli citizens involves significant benefits. The main ones are: 

Finding a safe haven in a European country. A Maltese passport allows access to the island at any time and under any conditions. 

There are no obstacles to travel within the European Union. You have no restrictions on the duration of your stay.

Medical services are of a high standard. People who get Maltese citizenship and have taken out health insurance are eligible for free medical care.

European-style education. It includes free education in schools and universities. If you send your child to study in another EU country, you can expect a lower cost.

Bringing your own business to the world. You can do business locally or in any other country. The tax system criteria is also worth mentioning.

Security. Malta is characterized by a low level of crime. You can not be afraid to walk in the evenings or forget to lock your doors at night. 

Сost of living in Malta is comfortable for locals, tourists, more favorable than in other EU countries. The most important thing is that the applicant is not required to sign a renunciation of existing citizenship. 

Investment Requirements for Israeli Citizens

It is recommended to contact a reliable company to avoid unforeseen moments when applying for Malta second passport for citizens of israel. Professional specialists will competently describe the situation and suggest the right steps to solve the tasks. 

Family members of the applicant can be included in the application. It is necessary to fulfill mandatory requirements to become a Maltese passport holder. In general, there are the following categories of expenses distinguished:

investment in real estate (€16,000 per year if renting or €700,000 per year if buying);

charitable donation (cost of €10,000);

contribution to the National Development and Social Development Fund (from €600,000).

Additional costs should not be forgotten: compliance test (15,000 euros), residence card (5,000 euros), administrative fees (approximately 3,000 euros). The investment amount increases for each family member. 

Do not forget the additional costs: eligibility test (15,000 euros), residence card (5,000 euros), administrative fees (approximately 3,000 euros). The investment amount increases for each family member.

By complying with all the requirements, you will be able to boast of a second citizenship in 12 months.


In case of an unstable situation in your home country, take advantage of the opportunity to invest your own funds to move to a country with favorable weather conditions and a friendly tax climate. 

Engaging in the process on his own, a potential investor may make a lot of inaccuracies or gross mistakes. The result may be the refusal of official representative offices to provide a second passport. It is enough to entrust the documentation to immigration lawyers to avoid misunderstandings. This issue is disclosed in more detail on the website Competent professionals will take over the process of communication with government structures. 

Appealing for a professional greatly simplifies the way to move to a more promising country. It helps improve your morale and financial situation.

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