Leading Harley Street cosmetic dentist warns of social media dental myths and opens new Edinburgh practice 


DR SLAINE Ker – dentist to the stars – has recently moved from Harley Street, London to Albany Street, Edinburgh, and is urging influencers to stop sharing ineffective treatment options to perfect their smiles across social media.  

With over 10 years of experience as a trusted and accomplished cosmetic dentist, Dr Slaine Ker is one of the leading cosmetic dentists in the country and an expert in non-invasive treatments including composite bonding, Invisalign, porcelain veneers and teeth whitening, and is now the Founder of The Row Dental in Edinburgh.  

According to a recent survey, 71% of British adults don’t feel confident showing their teeth when they smile for a photo. And with pressure from celebrities and influencers to have the perfect smile, Dr Slaine is using her new practice and her social media presence to encourage influencers to stop sharing unsuccessful dental tricks and hacks to her 28,000+ followers across @therowdental and her personal channel @slainesmiles.  

Dr Slaine Ker said: “The risks associated with the social media trend of “Turkey teeth” continues to scare me and although there is more of a social acceptance of cosmetic dental treatments, it is worrying to see an upsurge in social media myths and hacks which are promoting unsuccessful methods that are often dangerous and can cause long-lasting dental problems.  

“There are so many viral videos which are wrongly encouraging everything from rubbing purple shampoo or lemon juice on your teeth to make them whiter, even dabbing them with bleach or hydrogen peroxide. As a dentist, it is so alarming to see this. None of these treatments work!” 

TV Personality, Sophie Hermann, was self-conscious about her teeth and after a previous ill-advised treatment by an orthodontist, was recommended to Dr Slaine Ker in London.   

“Dr Slaine Ker has given me back my confidence. The results are more than I could ever wish for. Dr Slaine has been absolutely wonderful, so professional and just caring. She knows what she is talking about, and I have my full trust in her.   

“Now she has moved to Edinburgh and opened her own practice, there was no hesitation that I will continue to work with Dr Slaine and travel to wherever she is for treatments and check-ups.”  

With an impressive client list, including many of the other Made in Chelsea cast including Louise and Sam Thompson, Steph Pratt, Binky Felstead, Dr Slaine knows only too well that the power of a winning smile can boost self-esteem and build self-confidence as well as the importance of oral health.  

Dr Slaine’s interest in creating the perfect smile began at just 9-years-old when an unfortunate poolside injury changed her relationship with teeth forever. Whilst climbing out of a swimming pool, she slipped and smashed her two front teeth which resulted in multiple visits to the dentist. 

Today, Dr Slaine’s mission is to make people more positive about their smile but to achieve this safely and correctly by demystifying some of these treatments. Cosmetic dentistry improves the appearance of a person’s smile and bite, while whitening your teeth is an excellent way to get rid of stains and return teeth to their original colour and can help with anti-aging. 

Dr Slaine added:” Aging is just a part of growing up with the classic signs of ageing starting as early as 20 years old. We see consumers spending a lot of money on skincare and beauty products, but less so on their smile, but a major sign of aging can be seen in your teeth.   

“A beautiful smile is an important social and professional asset. We work with many reality stars, but we also have many professionals who want to improve their smile to make them more confident in the boardroom, on a date or for special occasions.”  

To find out more about the services and treatments at The Row Dental please visit www.therowdental.com 

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