Kibble receives £34k to help young people live independently

Gillian Todd (Kibble Tenancy and Employment Officer) and Ronnie Girvan (Nationwide Branch Manager, Paisley)

SPECIALIST child and youth care charity, Kibble, has received £34,586 of funding from Nationwide to support and prepare those in, or working towards, independent living.

The Nationwide Community Grants funded programme is helping prepare young people for independent living, and support those who have their own tenancy to live confidently within their home.

Focusing on tenancy and employability skills, up to 50 young people will receive specialist support to aid the development of skills such as CV writing, interview preparation, as well as building resources to help them maintain a job and a home within their community.

Kibble, although based in Paisley, supports young people across the country who have faced significant challenges in their life. This difficult start can often mean these young people have not been granted the same experience and opportunity to develop such know-how, nor the confidence to ask for support.

The course, delivered by Kibble, and funded by Nationwide equips young people with the skills to search for and maintain employment, explore tenancy assistance if needed, and become an engaged and active member of their community.

As well as delivering a SQA Level 4 Tenancy Award for those taking part, with already eight on schedule to achieve the qualification, Kibble’s Tenancy and Employability Officer ensures young people have a real-life experience in various work placements within local businesses to help build the skills needed to enter the working world with confidence.

Gillian Todd, Tenancy and Employment Officer at Kibble, said: “This course goes a long way to supporting young people who, due to circumstances out with their control, have been unable to build up a repertoire of skills which allow them to live a fulfilled and healthy life independently and in a job they like.”

“So many of us take for granted that we know how and where to look for support with our housing or employment needs, but young people preparing to live by themselves, understandably need guidance and a helping hand to find what help is available to them.”

“It’s brilliant to receive this funding from Nationwide and seeing an increased focus on helping young people develop soft skills which will be used to positively impact lifestyle habits and their ability to live independently.” 

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