Journalist Alf Young to chair Brexit challenges event at Strathclyde Business School and new speakers announced

The University Of Strathclyde

Alf Young, the distinguished Scottish business and economics journalist, writer and broadcaster, is to chair a workshop on 21st October looking at the challenges Scotland’s hospitality and culture sectors face in the wake of Brexit. Organised by the European Movement in Scotland (EMiS), the three-hour event will hear of the difficulties the hospitality and culture sectors have faced since Brexit. The aim is to identify what Westminster, Brussels and Holyrood can do to ease the cost, administrative and competitive burdens of Brexit.

EMiS head, David Clarke, says Alf Young agreeing to chair the workshop is recognition of the importance of hospitality and culture to Scotland’s economy.

“Alf Young has unrivalled knowledge of the Scottish economy. He is the perfect choice to chair this extremely important event. Our workshop is a platform for the vital Arts, culture, hospitality and tourism sectors to demand the return of closer economic and cultural ties with our European friends and neighbours. With over 20,000 firms, companies and institutions in these sectors providing some 260,000 jobs in Scotland, the UK’s political leaders must listen to what they say and be prepared to act.”

Being hosted at Strathclyde Business School in central Glasgow, the workshop is open to people who run organisations or work in hospitality, music, theatre, sports management, TV and film production, exhibitions, events and conferences and in freelance writing, production and technical roles. Representatives from political parties, trades unions, artists agents, schools and universities are also welcome.

Entry is free, by ticket only. Book at Eventbrite: Brexit and the Challenges Facing Scotland’s Hospitality & Culture sectors.

EMiS has announced two additional members of the speaker panel.
Claire Moran is the senior producer at Cryptic, the Glasgow-based internationally renowned company famed for its pioneering work in in live music, visual and sonic arts and performance. Moran’s work at Cryptic has toured throughout the UK and in Europe, South America, Australia and Asia. She has previously worked extensively with theatres and cultural organisations.

Emma Congreve is a Senior Knowledge Exchange Fellow and Deputy Director at the Fraser of Allander Institute at the University of Strathclyde. She is the author of Hospitality in Scotland, a research paper on employment in the hospitality industry, published in September.

Other speakers include Glasgow’s convener for culture and the chair of Glasgow Life, Annette Christie, Scottish Tourism Alliance chief, Marc Crothall, Leon Thompson, Scotland chief of UK Hospitality and Katrina Brown, a director of the visual arts organisation, Common Guild and a former director of the Glasgow International Festival of Contemporary Art.

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