Jobs boost for Perth as Eco-Development gets go-ahead

Concept art for Perth West development

THE innovative Perth West development has been granted planning permission by Perth & Kinross Council, paving the way to over 1,000 new jobs and marking a huge step towards Scotland’s net zero targets.

Perth West includes 25 hectares of land for commercial development where direct access to the A9 as well as core electricity infrastructure will create highly skilled job opportunities for Perth.  There are also plans for 1,500 energy-efficient homes set out in a 15-minute neighbourhood design, with EV and electric bike charging infrastructure, car sharing options, public transport and cycle paths.

Construction of the development will provide  1,285 temporary jobs, generating a one-off boost of £118.7 million to the local economy.  The longer term impact of the development is forecast to bring 1,090 permanent, skilled jobs to Perth & Kinross. 

The Perth West project is forecast to generate £493m additional GVA to the economy of Tayside over 25 years, plus council tax and business rates revenue.

Alexander Dewar of the developers, the John Dewar Lamberkin Trust, said: “Perth West offers huge benefits for the city of Perth, the wider region and for Scotland. It is a blueprint for moving ahead with decarbonised transport systems and logistics, 15-minute cities, and innovation in low-carbon technologies and businesses. We must reduce our carbon emissions and we can create skilled jobs and high-quality housing at the same time, ensuring a brighter future for the region and the country.

“I look forward to positive engagement with the Scottish Government to ensure the core infrastructure is delivered to realise the aspirations of this development, which is both good for Perth and vital for Scotland.”

Perth has an above average proportion of people educated to graduate level or above, but is below average nationally for highly-skilled jobs.

The location of Perth West, adjacent to the Broxden Roundabout and the A9, has been described by Professor Sean Smith, director of the University of Edinburgh’s Centre for Future Infrastructure, as a ‘strategic site for Scotland and the UK’ benefitting from the proximity of the trunk road network and the high voltage transmission network. These factors offer the potential to make Perth West a truly transformative development for Perth, with a wider impact on delivering Scotland’s net zero targets. Currently the transport sector is responsible for 24 per cent of all Scotland’s carbon emissions. The vast majority of emissions from transport are from road transport.  Perth is considered to be a critical hub in transport infrastructure to ensure continuity of supply with emerging energy-efficient trucks and vans coming to the market.

Commenting on the location, Professor Smith said: “No other city or site location currently in Scotland has the potential to positively impact across so many of Scotland’s cities, local authorities, businesses and trade to interlink and contribute on a national scale to reduce future transport emissions and support net zero.”

Improvements to the road network delivered as part of Perth West include a new grade-separated junction that will open up 25 hectares of land planned for advanced logistics and low carbon innovation. This site will host electric charging and hydrogen refuelling facilities to support the transition of heavy and light goods vehicles to low carbon technologies. 

The planned 1,500 new homes (including 375 affordable homes) will meet the principles of the 15-minute neighbourhood ethos with integrated active travel routes. High quality, environmentally sustainable and people-friendly housing combined with innovative business facilities will be promoted to attract private investment to the region. 

Perth and Kinross Council has outlined its commitment to creating a world-class destination for companies and investors committed to inclusive, equitable growth at Perth West.

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