January Sales: Expert advice for businesses


ANY boost in online traffic is vital for retailers to take full advantage of, in order to increase conversions and sales. With Black Friday and Cyber Monday behind us, and those January sales fast approaching, here are the best ways to ensure your business is prepared for that surge in traffic.


In the UK, with Christmas behind us, consumers are on the hunt for bargains as they enter the new year, so being organised and ready for this sales event could see your business gaining new traction. However, bear in mind that sales don’t always have to be about reducing the price of certain items.

You might want to consider bundling your products together in time for the January sales, or offer discounted, or free, shipping as part of your deals. In fact, 45.6% of customers claim they are more likely to buy from online retailers if free shipping is an option.

One way to approach which sales and offers your company should consider would be to look at historical and competitor data. By viewing your previous sales, you can better understand what attracts your target customers. You can also view what your competitors have done in the past or are currently implementing as we approach the post-Christmas sales period.  

Have a good website design

The retail industry has not always relied on ecommerce, and so having a good design for your website might not have always been a concern – especially if you operate mostly from a more traditional shop front. However, if you are looking to partake in the post-Christmas rush, then having a functional website is crucial.

In fact, 75% of customers will judge a company’s credibility from their website design. Approaching ecommerce, your website is the better half of the customer journey and making sure that journey is an easy and intuitive one for the customer can help them find the products they need and, in turn, purchase more from your business.

Ahead of the January sales, ensure your website is as user friendly and as eye catching as possible to maximise conversions and boost those all-important sales.

Marketing – try and make the most of influencers

Marketing is crucial when it comes to e-commerce, as it can drive brand awareness and create loyal customers.

Your marketing can take the form of post-Christmas related ad slots, social media posts or even influencer recommendations. Approaching social media presences, across a variety of platforms, could see a hike in your conversion rates as 80% of customers claim to have bought something previously recommended by an influencer.

Customer service

And with the influx of purchases and requests, making sure you have a strong and tailored customer service plan in place is crucial for the satisfaction of your customers both old and new. As with any purchase, purchases made in the January Sales are a customer journey and making sure there is a port of call for your customers will improve their experience with your business.

Janine Hunt, client partnership director at UK leading customer service outsourcer Kura, said: “January traditionally sees an increase in people contacting customer services after the busy Christmas period. During this time, it is important to ensure your customer services team is prepared for the higher demand and are still offering a high level of service.”

After Christmas time, the January Sales are a way of boosting sales further ahead of the traditionally slower sales months of later January and February. People looking for bargains and with Christmas money to spend, it is essential to prepare for the oncoming rush of online activity. Making sure your marketing and sales align – and that the customer journey is the best it can be from good website design to call management – can see your business not only attract new customers but retain loyalty too.

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