Is it possible to travel around the UK on a budget? 


TRAVELLING is one of the most common hobbies, but it has become more challenging in recent years, despite the constant development of technology and social environments. That’s because the pandemic had worse effects on the world in the long run compared to the said period when everything was closed down. 

Now, along with increased prices on food and gas, transport has also experienced a dramatic cost surge that exceeded even the inflation rate. Airline tickets are the most expensive due to limited seat capacity, high gas prices, employee shortages, and high labour costs. All in all, it’s a mess. 

That’s why travelling cannot be as cheap as it was years ago, even if you’re using numerous strategies and cutting as many costs as possible. The truth is that the world is going in a specific direction, and the only thing we can do is adapt. 

However, you can try lowering expenses and make out the most of your trip anywhere in the world. Today, we’re trying to get by around the UK with as little funds as possible. 

Book every service in advance 

It’s known that getting a service in advance of the state you’re using is best to benefit from reduced prices. This is also why planning your trip by at least six months ahead will give you the opportunity to save money without much effort. For example, if you’re travelling by car and want to find the best places to leave it for some time, you can check out Parkos to compare parking lot prices and choose the lowest rates. 

This also applies to accommodation, where you can save up to 13% of the initial price if you book a hotel 15 days in advance. You can also pay for accommodation in advance for busy seasons to book a hotel room in December to spend Christmas somewhere lovely but do this around July when there’s no demand. You can use the same method for air travel, so if you’re going to London, get airport parking at Heathrow a few months before the trip. 

Create a portfolio of websites and applications 

Sometimes, your trip is limited by using only one or two sources to inform yourself about the accommodation and transport costs. But what you can do to save costs is choose more reliable sites to grasp everything possible about the place you want to visit so you’ll have the opportunity to choose from better options. 

Of course, when doing such research, you need to be wary of fake sites that might do more wrong than right because they’ll not only steal your information but also provide false tickets and accommodation prices. Remember, if it seems too cheap to be true, it’s probably not, so take your time to read as much as you can on the subject until you’re sure to get reliable information and resources. It’s also good to keep an eye on the official websites of airlines and hotels because they often provide deals. 

Sign up for newsletters and certain subscriptions 

Companies usually offer loyal customers benefits, meaning they’re signing up for newsletters and are always up to date with the businesses’ development. This strategy is easy to apply for accommodation websites, restaurants, clothes brands, etc. Retail companies are always providing deals through unique codes and links targeting customers who are in touch with them. 

However, the problem is that you’ll receive frequent newsletter emails, and a considerable part of them aren’t related to deals. So, you’ll have to get through a significant amount of content before reaching something valuable. Therefore, it would be a good idea to have an additional email account that is dedicated only to subscribing to company newel setters. That way, you’ll escape spam emails on your main account and have a clearer image of the company’s frequency of special offers. 

Many businesses offer birthday gifts, from free stuff to discounted products and services. Generally speaking, closely watching your email during special dates and holidays is best. 

Don’t be too picky about your travelling conditions 

Although all prices have increased despite poor extravagant conditions, it’s always true that less lavish places will help you save money and continue your trip on a tight budget. That’s why sometimes you should choose hotels with less than five stars and restaurants that maybe don’t have any Michelin stars to pay less for decent services.

Of course, this doesn’t mean you must stay in places with no shower, no bed or other essential features because you should still seek a certain level of comfort during your travels to get energised for the next day. So, it’s best to look at places at restaurants that are cheaper than what the average tourist gets but not so cheap that it doesn’t provide you with anything else than a roof above your head. 

Don’t travel alone 

Solo travelling might be more adventurous, but the truth is that only a few people afford to cover the costs of their adventures fully, so it takes a few years of experience and better salaries to get there. If you’re a student and have only recently found a job, it’s best to find someone to travel with because you can spend less by sharing your experiences. 

For example, there are ways to pay less per person if you book a small apartment or share your food. At the same time, travel costs can be lowered. Moreover, you’ll be travelling with less stress because there’s someone with you that can help you in case of an unexpected event. It’s more entertaining to have someone by your side when seeing the world, so convince your friend, soulmate or relative to share the experience. 

Final considerations 

Travelling around the UK seems quite expensive even for locals, but tourists from other countries may find it almost tricky to travel here. However, with enough preparation and strategies, anyone can fight the high prices and benefit from decent conditions while exploring a new culture. 


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