INSUREPAIR® expands operations to Glasgow, creating jobs and meeting growing demand

Managing director Richard O’Donnell.

Edinburgh-based fire and flood restoration specialist, INSUREPAIR®, is set to open its doors in Glasgow, marking a strategic move to cater to the increasing demand for its services in Scotland’s largest city. 

THE expansion, expected to create up to 15 jobs in the coming year, highlights the company’s commitment to meeting the needs of its clients along the M8 corridor. INSUREPAIR®, known for its expertise in insurance reinstatement, has been a key player in Scotland’s construction and restoration sector since its establishment in 2003. The move into a converted Georgian townhouse in Woodside Place signals the company’s dedication to enhancing its presence on the west coast.

Richard O’Donnell, Managing Director of INSUREPAIR®, expressed his pride in the company’s growth, attributing it to focused efforts and strategic planning. With a track record of achieving high-performance status as an insurance contractor, INSUREPAIR® has become a trusted partner for major insurance companies, loss adjusters, and building repair networks across the UK. The expansion into Glasgow aligns with the company’s goal to bring its services closer to the burgeoning demand, demonstrating its ability to adapt and meet the needs of its clients.

Mr. O’Donnell emphasised the company’s commitment to providing robust and reliable customer service, a reputation that has allowed them to excel in the industry. Currently employing 24 permanent staff members and supported by 15 specialist subcontractors, INSUREPAIR® has established itself as one of Scotland’s preferred insurance reinstatement building contractors. The move into Glasgow signifies a significant milestone for the company, allowing them to strengthen their foothold in the west while building on their existing growth plans.

As INSUREPAIR® opens its Glasgow office, the company looks forward to contributing to the local economy by creating job opportunities and bringing its industry-leading restoration services closer to clients in the region. The move comes as a response to the company’s success in servicing Glasgow from its Edinburgh headquarters and reflects its commitment to strategic expansion and meeting the evolving needs of its clientele.

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