Innovation Park launches art exhibition as part of pioneering workplace programme

Left to Right: Stirling artist Greer Ralston with one of her paintings on display at Scion House, and Head of Stirling University Innovation Park Lynn Harris

THE TEAM behind Stirling University Innovation Park are launching a new exhibition by figurative artist Greer Ralston as part of a pioneering workplace initiative.

The display, which opens this Friday, is part of the Park’s innovative Art on the Park programme which showcases the work of Scottish artists in its Scion House reception area.

The talented Stirling-based painter is the third artist to hold an exhibition at the centre since the initiative relaunched last September following the lifting of Covid restrictions.

Lynn Harris is Head of Stirling University Innovation Park and founded the successful Art on the Park programme in 2006. 

Since then, the project has gone from strength to strength highlighting the work of more than 40 local artists and providing an additional benefit to the Park’s business community. 

She said: “We’re delighted to see Greer’s stunning artwork in our space and think people will really enjoy the exhibition.

“The variety and depth of her work is amazing and there is real purpose and meaning behind her paintings.

“The exhibitions are a good opportunity for employees who work in the Park to get away from their desks for a while to look at the paintings and chat about them with their colleagues.

“The Art on the Park programme has proved a major success over the years and we strive to offer a variety of artworks by local artists. 

“Everyone has the chance to exhibit in our Scion House reception which lends itself perfectly to art with all its glass and natural light and it’s wonderful to be able to keep the walls fresh and alive with different works.”

Greer’s show, titled ‘Under The Surface’, combines figurative works exploring a variety of women’s issues with paintings which examine the subject of clothes and their relationship to the wearer.

She said: “It’s a wonderful opportunity for me to display my work in a non-commercial space, rather than an art gallery, and allows me to bring together a series of paintings which are very meaningful to me.

Displaying artworks in an unusual space is an inspiring idea and means people can show art which is less commercial and perhaps a little more controversial than usual.

“I’m pleased to have the chance to exhibit in Stirling and to reach a different audience as well as supporting the concept of bringing art into an office space.”

‘Under The Surface’ will be launched at an Open Day, running from 12-2pm this Friday September 29, which includes a talk from the artist whose figurative works often explore difficult and complex themes such as sexuality, loss and illness.

Greer Ralston said: “The show is a combination of two exhibitions – the first of which is based on the emotional journeys of different women going through various life events including breast cancer, bereavement and surgery.

“I’ve put those works together with more recent paintings of clothing which look at what our clothes say about us, what we do with them and how we present ourselves.

“The art explores both our emotional layers and our physical layers and the connections between them.”

The exhibition is open to employees based at the Innovation Park as well as members of the public who have the chance to visit the show on weekdays between 9am and 5pm.

Lynn Harris added: “We’re pleased to offer local artists a platform and we’ll be featuring a new artist – or group of artists – approximately every eight weeks. 

“The key is that our exhibitors are local people, whether they are amateur or professional artists, who are keen to collaborate with us and showcase their work.”

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