Inaugural Scottish Building Society festival celebrates inclusive rugby

Inclusive Team

OVER 100 players participated in the first-ever Scottish Building Society Festival, an event dedicated to inclusive rugby. The festival, hosted at the Hive Stadium, brought together five clubs from different parts of Scotland, showcasing the unity of the sport.

The participating teams included Edinburgh Inclusive Rugby Team, Fife Clan, Borders Clan, Strathmore Clan, and Ayrshire Clan. Inclusive rugby embraces players of all ages and abilities, fostering an environment where both able-bodied individuals and those with physical or learning disabilities play together in a unified outfit.

Scottish Building Society, the primary partner of Edinburgh Rugby, organised the festival, underscoring its commitment to creating opportunities for a diverse range of individuals to engage in rugby. The event was not only a celebration of inclusiveness but also an invitation for players to attend the Edinburgh Rugby vs. Connacht match on the same evening.

Inclusive Rugby Team

Paul Denton, CEO of Scottish Building Society, expressed enthusiasm for the success of the festival, stating, “Rugby is a sport for everyone, and using our platform, we want to create more opportunities to make the game more accessible and inspire more people to get involved.”

Ruaridh Pye, Edinburgh Rugby Community Manager, shared his thoughts on the impactful day, saying, “It was a hugely inspiring day hosting the first-ever Scottish Building Society Festival here at Hive Stadium. Five clubs from across Scotland coming together to celebrate what rugby means is very special, and we hope it will inspire those interested in rugby that this is truly a sport for everyone.”

The inaugural Scottish Building Society Festival marked a significant step in promoting inclusivity in rugby, with hopes for even greater participation and celebration of the sport’s diversity in the years to come.

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