In-house legal roles rife with missed opportunity says expert

Kim Bower (Core-Asset)

LAWYERS could be missing out on major career opportunities as the demand for in-house legal practitioners soars.

Leading financial services recruiter Core-Asset Consulting has revealed the current surge in demand is presenting major opportunities for individuals to make their mark in a once overlooked job market – in-house legal roles.

The £26m Edinburgh-based recruitment firm highlighted that due to misconceptions about in-house roles, legal practitioners following a traditional private firm pathway risk missing out on excellent development opportunities and a healthier work-life balance.

Kim Bower, Business Manager in the Legal team at Core-Asset Consulting said: “In-house legal roles have seen a surge in demand, the current trend sees a range of firms opting to cut the costs on outsourcing and focus on bringing in talent to work alongside teams.

“However, there is still a huge industry lean towards practitioner – notably more junior lawyers – wanting to stay or go into private practice and cast aside the thought of working in-house due to a misconceived idea of poor development.

“This is important to all levels, but more notably to junior lawyers who could be making their mark in a less traditional legal pathway.

“A key motivator for those who choose to work in-house is the work life balance it offers; this is something private practice really struggles to offer to lawyers.”

The legal sector is one of the industries analysed in Core-Asset’s eighth Annual Salary Guide, “Industry Trends and Salary Guide” which offers a comprehensive analysis of salary levels and significant advancements within Scotland’s crucial financial services, accountancy, fintech and legal sectors.

Kim added: “Ultimately, deciding on working in-house or in private practice comes down to personal preference but we rarely, if ever, see disappointed candidates once they’ve made the big switch.

“In-house presents a fantastic opportunity for development as budding lawyers are able to really carve their niche, while building a more intimate relationship with their employer and get exposure across a breadth of clients – compared to being siloed into one specialism in private practice.

“Speaking from my own experience of seeing people who have made this transition, it is one that has been of great benefit to their lives and career.”

As well as providing insights into key trends and developments within the legal sector, Core-Asset Consulting’s Salary Guide assesses market sentiment and activity, while shedding light on the prevailing themes influencing the financial services landscape across the country.

Core-Asset Consulting, established in 2005, is the leading recruitment and headhunting agency in Scotland, specialising in financial and professional services.

Initially renowned for its expertise in the asset management sector, Core-Asset Consulting has expanded its reach into the broader financial services market.

The firm boasts dedicated teams in accounting, investment operations, and finance, and now is making significant inroads into Scotland’s thriving legal sector.

It was founded by Betsy Williamson, who drew upon her extensive experience with large corporate recruiters to create a more sector-focused business with a strong emphasis on infrastructure and training.

The Industry Trends and Salary Guide is 63 pages of market analysis, salary data and insights from consultants, clients and candidates. To register to receive a copy, please visit:

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