“I Can’t Find a Job”: 4 Tips to Deal With the Problem


A JOB search is a one-way ticket with no specific destination: you never know what’s waiting around the corner. You may find a treasure or another disappointment. But what you definitely shouldn’t do is give up. 

It’s common in a post-pandemic era for people to lose jobs. They change places, countries, and specialties; some are turning their eyes to the IT field for remote opportunities. The one thing every applicant has is a desire to find a job as soon as they can.

However, what to do, if something goes wrong? What if you get one rejection after another, and it seems like you’re stuck in a whirlpool of interviews? Is there a way out? 

We’ve got four real problems job seekers bump into and the possible solutions to make a job application less painful. Keep reading to find out more!

The Reasons You Can’t Find a Job 

It may seem you’re doing everything possible to land a dream job: you’re sending resumes, going to interviews, and looking out for new opportunities. 

What can go wrong? 

You may not tailor a resume to a specific employer 

Let’s say you’re a full-stack software developer. Of course, you need an impeccable resume and a great cover letter (optional), but you need a solid set of skills. 

By copy-pasting your resume, you give away the opportunity to become the best candidate. How will the recruiter know you’re a good fit if your resume mirrors the internet templates? Besides, if you’re unsure whether your resume is written correctly, you can always find professional resume writers to assist!

You may not have enough qualifications

To find a job as a waiter, you don’t need a lot of experience. But if you aim for a director of operations position, you will certainly have to demonstrate superior skills, leadership expertise, knowledge of processes, and intercommunications. Again, this work needs more than a high school diploma. 

You may apply for one or two jobs max 

Recent statistics show that it takes, on average, 100-200+ applications to get a job. Don’t get scared because every situation is very private and has to be dealt with individually. However, this number displays how focusing on one company may cost you a great opportunity. 

You may have a big employment gap 

Life can change, we get it. You may get tired and get a break from work, we also get it. But you might not realize how this employment gap affects your future career. Besides reading a job description, pay attention to a visual presentation of your resume for a hiring team. Having too many breaks may cause a negative impact on the recruitment process.

The Practical Solutions

Sometimes, despite your best efforts, it may seem you’re not moving any further. 

If you’ve been trying to find a job for a while, and it’s not going well, perhaps you should change the scenario slightly. But, first, let’s review the possible solutions to your problem! 

Adjust your resume 

We’ve said it before, and we’ll repeat again: no one likes the copy-pasted resume. You might think that’s not a big deal; however, recruiters have a good eye and application tracking systems to filter resumes. 

Your resume has to reflect your value for a specific job, the skills mentioned in the job description, and the relevant experience. Make sure you put a unique objective up front as well! 

Be attentive to details 

Spare the routine job duties, and put the information that will engage a recruiter. The experts recommend adding more real accomplishments (better to say, “My social media strategy increased an overall engagement by 5%” than “I’ve implemented successful content strategies.” 

Work on your skills 

There are two core points here: to do research on the company and ensure you have a relevant skill set. The first one will help you get afloat faster, while the second one will get you a job! 

If you’ve managed to make a unique resume with a tailored cover letter, you showed up to the interview on time and dressed appropriately, but the company still rejected it. Think about it. Maybe, there’s something wrong with your expertise? Perhaps you should polish some hard skills to be an outstanding candidate for the positions. 

A job application should reflect your value 

In case your job offers (and salary propositions) decrease, perhaps you are not “sellable” enough. 

Browse through the job description. Found skills that you have? Highlight them in your resume! Also, remove irrelevant information: better to make a one-page unique resume than two pages of going back and forth. 

Short Summary 

Looking for a job is a challenge. Accept it, and learn from it! Please don’t give up, because it won’t change your situation. Instead, try re-working your job search: visit this page and upload a new resume, tailor a job application to the position, and don’t mess up your interview. Remember that you’re not alone, and sometimes patience is all you need to get a dream job!

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