Hub South West Scotland invites local businesses to sign up for all-new Dumfries & Galloway Build Programme

hub South West Scotland's Build Programme offers free collaborative business development sessions over eight weeks

ON September 21st, for the first time, hub South West Scotland (hSWS) is bringing its successful Build programme to Dumfries and Galloway, offering local businesses the chance to gain expert business advice and learning within the construction sector. 

hub South West Scotland is a public-private partnership which provides services to public sector businesses allowing for cost-efficient and sustainable design and construction of community infrastructure projects across the South West of Scotland. To date, they have delivered over 90 projects to a value of over £650m across the Education, Health, Leisure, Office and Social Housing sectors and have over £450 million of projects in construction and development. 

Now in its fifth year, with a successful run of sessions in Lanarkshire and Ayrshire, the Build programme is expanding into the Dumfries and Galloway region, offering businesses in the construction sector the opportunity to gain valuable industry advice to help them grow and achieve their market goals. Registration is now open and hub South West Scotland is inviting innovative local businesses to apply as soon as possible. 

The interactive programme is free to attend and welcomes those specialising across all areas of construction, with previous attendance comprising building contractors, painting and decorating companies, flooring businesses, architecture firms, energy experts and more. 

Delivered over eight weeks, the free programme entails one half-day session per week focusing on different themes. Attendees learn about all aspects of managing and running a business, from developing a strategy and navigating procurement and finance, to creating a marketing and social media plan. At the end of the eight weeks, each participant presents back to the group about what they’ve learned and how it will help their business grow. A winner is then chosen from the group. 

As well as key business learning opportunities, companies participating in the programme will gain expert insight into tendering and receive first-hand introductions to hub South West Scotland’s leading Tier One contractors.

Paul Shearin, Managing Director of ProCast Energy Services, participated in this year’s Build Lanarkshire programme. He said:

“While our company was growing quickly, hub South West Scotland’s Build programme seemed like a perfect opportunity to take stock and re-evaluate where we were at.”

“As weeks progressed, all the participants enjoyed each other’s company. Each session was invaluable and after each one all the delegates were absolutely buzzing with ideas on how we could change our business and move forward.”

“I would absolutely recommend the Build Programme to any business which is planning for the future. It can really open your mind to what your business can achieve.”

Speaking of the value that Build Dumfries & Galloway can bring to local business owners, Mark Houston, Supply Chain Development Manager at hub South West Scotland said: 

“Our free Build Programme is a collaborative way for local businesses to develop an achievable plan for the future and get to where they want to be in the wider market. Our sessions offer growing businesses the chance to be introduced to our Tier one contractors, industry experts and like-minded companies. Each day is different and the topics are designed to really get these businesses thinking whilst strengthening their skills across a variety of business areas which are integral to running a successful company.”

“We’ve had a huge variation of businesses join in the past, from data analysing drone companies to award-winning roofing businesses, so anyone with a focus on construction is welcome to apply.” 

“As we prepare to kick off our first Build Programme in Dumfries & Galloway on September 21st, I’m looking forward to bringing this opportunity to the area and helping local companies reach their full potential. This course will allow them to gain expert knowledge and skills, build their confidence in the market and meet new people who they will find themselves working with for years to come.” 

Any businesses who are interested in signing up for Build Dumfries & Galloway should email Mark Houston, Supply Chain Development Manager and organiser of Build, at

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