How To Make Your Business Website Attractive For Google?

Google is the most popular search engine in the world but imposes special requirements to gain high positions

GOOGLE is the most popular search engine in the world. It imposes special requirements for resources that claim high positions in extradition. Promoting the business site in Google involves the classical scheme of action, which is to perform internal and external optimization, but there are some distinctive features. Those who want to get into the top Google rankings must understand the algorithms or use the guest posting service and promote your materials via this tool. 

The Important Components of Promotion in Google

Let’s find out how to get your website noticed? For Google, it is crucial to benefit from a particular resource. Therefore, it is not enough just to perform a series of actions for the robots; it is necessary to analyze the target audience’s interests meaningfully and adjust to them.

Promotion of business sites in Google should be held according to the latest trends. For example, one of these trends is using adaptive layouts of sites. It is due to users’ transition from computers to portable devices (smartphones, tablets). It is also essential to improve website performance.  

According to statistics, more than half of the requests are fulfilled by smartphones, and the figure is increasing daily. Today, it is impossible to imagine a modern business website without a mobile version. However, its absence can significantly worsen the effectiveness of the promotion, no matter how much money and effort you put into it.

The results in Google are stable. However, if you are in the top 10 searched results, you are guaranteed to stay there for a particular time, so it is pretty challenging to gain the leading positions. 

In Google promotion, it is necessary to emphasize video because the corporation works closely with YouTube. So when a user enters a request, he comes across videos and the usual links. We also recommend reading here about how to make money on blogging. 

Optimize a Website for Google Internally

Take the internal design of a resource seriously if you want to reach the top. First, it is a clear code because the system strictly tracks the various technical errors. The code should not be overloaded with scripts and multiple modules so that the pages are loaded quickly and search bots are more accessible to index. Finally, making the website searchable is necessary. The main factors of internal optimization which affect prominence:

  • properly composed tags, title, description, keywords, and headings of all levels;
  • caching pages for fast reloading;
  • internal relinking, which the system appreciates very much by the system. It helps users productively search the business site and find new and exciting content;
  • unique text content, while simultaneously answering questions from users, has a logically structured and enough volume to disclose the theme of the page. The articles should belong to authors and be released with a specific frequency;
  • images and videos should also be unique and complement the text;
  • current news about promotions, discounts, and sales should appear regularly to generate interest in the target audience;
  • voice search also affects the ranking. It is due to a large number of voice queries from mobile devices. Since Google and Android contracted, voice queries have become relevant, so resource pages should contain keywords for direct inclusion;
  • emphasis on behavioral factors also will not prevent the promotion of the business site in Google, although, in this system, they did not have so much influence.

Always consider these factors when optimizing because they help prepare the resource for attracting traffic and successful promotion in search results.

What Should External Optimization Be?

If you have set a goal to promote your business site, you do not have to rush. The fact that Google, for a long time, can hold even an excellent but young resource and not let it into the top. In this search engine, you must build trust before reclaiming a place among the leaders. It is equally valid for all search engines, but other ranking parameters are relevant specifically for Google.

Link Promotion

Working with links is one of the most important factors that affect ranking. To ensure that links do not harm the internet site (which often happens with inexperienced web admins), it is worth thoroughly working on finding donor sites with similar themes. Important: use white hat links

These resources must be reputable and reliable and make sure that the link will work for the good. You also need to exclude donors who have already posted many links of unknown origin. If you are not confident that you can buy good links and work with them properly, it is better to entrust link promotion to professionals. 

Social Media

Google approves social media activity and takes it into account when ranking. Therefore, links shared by users on these sites increase traffic, improving the behavioral factors and, consequently, the growth of positions in extradition. To make the effect really noticeable, you should create your blog and be engaged in its promotion, as well as advertise your company on the already promoted pages of the networks.

Directories and Catalogs

You can get additional traffic by registering your business website in various databases. In addition, users often search through such services, so there is a chance that they will reach you through such sites.

YouTube Channel

It is a trendy and, at the same time, free way to independently attract users and interest them in your products or services. You should repost the videos from your channel to your business site.


Our tips will help you promote your business sites on Google, avoid pitfalls and make no mistakes. The leading search engine requirements are using modern features such as adaptive design, interactivity on the site, fast page loading, authoring content and videos, and working with social networks and YouTube channels.

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