How Online-Based Businesses Can Help You Make More Money 


RUNNING an online-based business has become more popular than ever, perhaps due to the range of opportunities it has to offer to ambitious entrepreneurs. Not only can it make you more money, but being virtually based provides more flexibility than running a business from a workplace. In fact, some online businesses can even be managed in your spare time and alongside an existing job. If you’re interested in starting your own online business and want some inspiration, then read on to learn more about the best virtual business ideas.

E-Commerce Stores 

You have a huge variety of choices for what you choose to sell in your e-commerce store from clothing to tech, or even handcrafted items. If you want to help your e-commerce business get off to the best start, this Shopify Plus Agency can help you grow your audience and optimise your site. Having an eye-catching and well-designed site can make a difference in whether customers choose to purchase your products or not, so it’s worth investing in good web design or tailoring your shopping platform to look its best. Selling unique products or giving them features that stand out from competitors can help you to increase your sales and grab the attention of potential customers over similar products on the market. Social media is a great way to help reach new customers and you could try affiliate marketing to grow a wider audience.

Affiliate Marketing 

Affiliate marketing has become incredibly popular, especially with the younger generations, as they’ve seen the opportunity to make significant money from collaborating with businesses online. As an affiliate marketer, you will use your social media platforms or website to advertise other businesses and their products or services. When you do this, you will receive an agreed amount of money for each time you post about their business or feature yourself using their products. Linking products in your social media will direct new customers towards that business, and you will earn a commission for every customer that purchases from the business using your link. A great way to get more people to use your links to purchase products is to work with companies to offer your followers discount codes or rewards when they purchase.

Web Development 

If you’re tech-savvy and have experience with building websites, running an online web development business can be a fantastic way to earn more money. This type of business can sometimes be tricky to launch into due to the level of competition from other businesses. Try and think of ways to give your business something special to stand out to clients. Having good communication skills to work well with clients is essential. You’ll also need to make sure you listen carefully to what they want from their site to help you successfully run your web development business and gain good reviews. You’ll also need to regularly update your skills and knowledge to help make sure you’re keeping up with industry changes and developments to offer your clients the best work. 

Online Tutoring 

If you feel you have skills and knowledge that can be transferable to helping others, then starting an online tutoring business could be an ideal business venture. Some of the most common online tutoring subjects include:


English language 

Second languages 




Interior Design 

Business Management 


Alongside formal qualifications in some subjects, you need a patient and level-headed personality to help you provide the best experience for your learners. You will also need excellent speaking skills to help with clear communication, especially when teaching virtually. A positive and relaxed style of teaching will help to bring out the confidence in your learners and help them to enjoy their lessons more.

Researching And Fact-Checking Information 

Another option you can consider if you have a high level of knowledge in a subject is to start your own research and fact-checking business. This can either be on a particular subject or you can research a range of subjects to provide accurate information for your clients. Whilst this work can be conducted on your own, hiring new recruits to add to your team can help you make more money by taking on a bigger workload. Either way, you need to make sure research is being done thoroughly to help avoid any poor reviews or legal action from clients if the information turns out to be wrong. Be sure to research what kind of legal coverage your business might need to help cover any costs should a client choose to take legal action against you.

Writing And Selling E-Books

If you’re a gifted storyteller and have an excellent knowledge of written English, then you can try writing your own novel to sell as an e-book. You could also write e-books on subject areas you have a lot of knowledge on such as academic topics or how-to manuals. To make sure your e-book is high quality, make sure you’re checking any information you include in it to be sure it’s accurate and correct. A good proofreader with an eye for detail is essential to publishing a high-quality book. Gaining positive reviews are a great selling point for e-books, and good editing and catching out mistakes in your writing will help to improve your reviews. This will also help you to make improvements to your writing for any future e-books you choose to create. Before writing an e-book, look into similar books that already exist on the topic to help you think of ways to make your e-book stand out to readers. You should carefully consider the kind of reader that might be interested in your books to help you adapt the reading style to best suit them.

Becoming A Virtual Assistant 

If you have a reputation for being super organised and dependable, then becoming a virtual assistant could be the perfect business idea for you. This involves working closely with other business owners and possibly public figures who need help with their workload and planning tasks and events. As all your tasks will be carried out virtually, it will not involve you having to commute and offers greater flexibility around other areas of your life. If you want to find new clients, try reaching out to potential clients and offering your services. You could also use social media and word of mouth as useful tools for increasing your reach to potential clients.

App Development 

Starting your own business as an app developer allows you to make good use of tech skills and gives you the opportunity to work with a range of different businesses. As well as having an in-depth knowledge of how to develop apps, you will need good communication skills to consult with your clients. You will also need to be highly organised to make sure you can work to deadlines and keep on top of your workload. Putting yourself into the shoes of the users of an app will help you to identify areas for potential improvement while using the app and how you can improve the user experience. Giving your clients a positive experience will help ensure they return in the future for any further app development they need and will be more likely to recommend you.

Getting Started 

If you’re looking for a way to make more money through an online-based business, the guide to Etsy offered by Gelato’s blog is an excellent resource to get started. With practical tips and insights on how to start and grow your own Etsy shop, you can turn your passion into a profitable online business.

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