How Does A Divorce Lawyer Protect Your Rights And Interests?


IF MARRIAGE is the holy grail of adulthood, then divorce is certainly its ugly cousin. 

No one gets into marriage with divorce in mind (except, of course, those who enter into contractual unions of convenience). However, there comes a time when it’s in the best interest of married partners to go their separate ways. 

The decision to split up could be due to irreconcilable differences occasioned by chronic infidelity, physical and/or sexual abuse, financial constraints, or childlessness. There are also scenarios where a once-sizzling love affair dies a slow death due to a gradual loss of interest between the couple. 

Regardless of your reason for calling it quits, it pays to involve a divorce lawyer. That’s especially if child custody or asset disposal are involved. 

Read below as explore the various ways a divorce lawyer can help safeguard your rights and interests.

Who Is A Divorce Lawyer?

A divorce lawyer, also known as a divorce attorney, is a legal professional trained to protect their clients’ rights during divorces. 

Divorce lawyers fall under the broader area of family law. That’s the same legal division that deals with proper parenting, spousal abuse, and adoption cases. 

Contrary to popular belief, the mandate of divorce attorneys isn’t to establish the at-fault party in the event of legal separations. Rather, it’s to ensure their clients get the most out of the separation. Their counsel might even be invaluable in pulling back marriage from the depths of despair. 

Most importantly, divorce attorneys don’t operate in an isolated legal environment. The counsel given by these legal practitioners must always be consistent with the current divorce laws of the land. 

Now, there are dozens of divorce solicitors in Yeadon with the requisite skills to handle different cases. But since each divorce is unique, you want an attorney who brings in the expertise your specific case requires. More on that later on.

How Can A Divorce Lawyer Protect Your Rights And Interests?

Divorce can be a mentally taxing experience, and most people may not be in the right frame of mind to prosecute the cases themselves. Besides, there are always legal and bureaucratic labyrinths to navigate. At the very least, you’ll need to go through voluminous paperwork and be subjected to lengthy waiting periods. 

Unfortunately, you may not have the time, patience, and (most importantly) the expertise to endure all these. That’s where a divorce attorney comes in. Divorce lawyers perform the fundamental duty of formally representing their clients in divorce proceedings. 

A divorce lawyer will also clue you in on the merits and demerits of your case. Their counsel can be invaluable in helping you predict the outcome of a case. Besides, you’ll be able to understand your legal options. 

As you shall find, not all divorce cases should end up in a court of law. And even those that do ought not go the full trial. There are several out-of-court settlements you might explore, provided that your interests are well-catered for. 

Another key role of divorce attorneys is to break down complex legal jargon into common parlance. The idea is to help you understand the intricacies of your case better so you can possibly contribute some inputs and have the whole matter determined in your favor. 

The following are the specific aspects of divorce that legal representation may help with;

1. Nature of Separation

Divorces differ depending on the parties involved. Examples of unique divorce cases include those that involve members of the uniformed services and those that involve LGBTQ+ partners. 

The right divorce lawyer will help argue your case regardless of the nature of your union.

2. Child Support, Custody, and Adoption

For couples with young children, one of the most difficult decisions to make during a divorce is who keeps the kids and how child support is distributed. 

This is one area where you can benefit immensely from the professional advice of your divorce lawyer.

3. Property and Business Division

It’s only fair that you know your rights to marital assets and property during divorce. 

Without an experienced divorce attorney, you could unfairly cede a significant amount of property value to the other party. 

4. Premarital and Post-marital Agreements

Working with a divorce attorney is also important, where you need to establish if there were any premarital and/or post-marital agreements. 

Even if these contracts are in place, you’ll still require legal interpretation.

5. Divorce Decree and Modifications

The decrees made by a divorce court need to be enforced. They may also be modified in the event of successful appeals and petitions. 

It’s the duty of a divorce attorney to ensure such decrees are enforced, as well as handle any appeals.

Choosing the Best Divorce Attorney

Specialization is the most important consideration while looking for a divorce attorney. Prioritize family lawyers who deal specifically with divorce cases. 

It’s also important to ask for a list of referrals from a divorce attorney before hiring them. Contact these people to find out more about how it feels to work with a lawyer. 

Don’t forget to ask for a quote. In the United States, divorce cases cost an average of $7,000, while the total expenses average anywhere between $15,000 and $20,000. Obviously, the fees will differ depending on the technicalities of your case and the specific law firm you hire.

Final Word

Divorce is an experience married couples never wish to undergo. But when it comes down to it, the right divorce attorney can help protect your rights and interests.

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