Hospitality leaders head to Perth for exclusive tech event

The previous RoomRaccoon event was in 2021

LEADING provider of hotel management software, RoomRaccoon, will host its next Check-In Hospitality Summit at the Salutation Hotel in Perthshire, Scotland on March 24, 2022. This is the second in a series of exciting hospitality events presented by RoomRaccoon and specially curated for property managers, hoteliers, and hosts in different cities across the world.

RoomRaccoon along with industry innovators and thought leaders will come together at the Salutation Hotel to host a discussion on innovation and growth, sharing knowledge and advice on how to grow accommodation businesses as they recover from the effects of travel restrictions.

As travel restrictions ease around the world, travel giants like Expedia and Amadeus predicts that people are preparing for big, once-in-a-lifetime adventures. Expedia is calling 2022 the year of the GOAT, or the “greatest of all trips.” Amadeus is seeing a jump in searches to “epic destinations”.

RoomRaccoon is a leading provider of hotel management software. The company’s all-in-one hotel management system is used by over 1500 hotels and other accommodation businesses worldwide. Its intimate knowledge of the industry and customer-centric approach inspired the one-day event that aims to build bridges between today’s hospitality industry and the digitisation of tomorrow.

Hosted at the Salutation Hotel, a Scottish landmark that has been in operation for over 200 years, the event is free to attend. Registered attendees can expect product demos, a lively panel discussion and invaluable insights from industry experts such as WIHP Hotels, AskSuite, Flexipass, RoomPriceGenie and more. 

“We have learnt from the challenges of the last two years that technology can help bridge many gaps in our amazing trade and help drive us forward to a brighter future,” said Stevie Reffin, the UK account executive for RoomRaccoon. “We want to empower all attendees with industry-leading knowledge, trends and technologies.”

Reffin welcomes hospitality professionals in and around Scotland to join him at this month’s Check-In Hospitality Summit. “Come along to a relaxed setting and engage with some fantastic speakers, demonstrations and forward-thinking companies. It’s going to be a memorable afternoon for all things hospitality and hotels.”               

Nick Kleynhans heads partnerships for RoomRaccoon. He said: “RoomRaccoon is bringing together industry experts to hotels’ doorsteps. 2022 is the perfect time to travel and our Check-In event will equip hotels to increase bookings, create an exceptional guest experience and have guests excited to return.”

RoomRaccoon introduced its first Check-In Hospitality Summit in November 2021 at the Inspirium in Breda, Netherlands. Among the participants were industry innovators such as, Effecty, Voordeeluitjies, RevControl, Butler Hospitality, and more.

They showcased innovative products across the hotel supply chain and sharedexpert insights on important topics such as guest expectations, revenue management, online distribution, hotel digital marketing and upselling techniques.

According to RoomRaccoon’s event planner, Marit Hoencamp: “Check-In is all about inspiring and empowering those who work in the dynamic industry. You won’t see the same old hospitality expo here. We’ve made sure attendees leave the event with actionable strategies they can apply right after (the event).”

RoomRaccoon is planning events in South Africa, Italy, France, Germany, the Netherlands, and Portugal. Keep an eye out for the registration form on RoomRaccoon’s website. 

For more information visit Check-In Scotland 2022.

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