Homebuyers seek interiors that appeal to their sense of luxury


HOMEBUYERS generally have firm opinions about design, but the luxury market is completely distinguishing from them all. Its main interests include opulence and exclusivity, as they seek a house to set them apart from the ones in the neighbourhood. Luxury homebuyers are in search of quality – sometimes even rare – materials, designer furnishings, exclusive locations, and breath-taking sights. For this reason, real estate should focus on everything from attentive services and prime locations to outstanding fixtures and ultra-modern architecture.

Moreover, trends are an essential factor in this particular market. Homebuyers pertaining to this category aim to stay ahead of the curve and incorporate into their interior elements that are both sophisticated and stylish. Some of their requirements might seem a bit exaggerated, but we’re here to detail it all and explain the reason behind these people’s preferences. At least, we’ll try.

So, let’s get into it and discover what appeals to the sense of luxury of extravagant homebuyers.

Matchless materials and finishes

The demand for quality materials has increased considerably among householders and homebuyers alike as people are becoming more aware of the resistance and appeal of such materials. The same is true for the luxury market, with the mention that these homebuyers prefer materials such as limestone, marble, and onyx, which are typically more expensive. Natural stones are highly appreciated, so apart from the exquisite marble, some other highly-sought afters include granite, a much more reasonable material.

As for flooring and furniture, hardwood is all the rage this year and probably many more to come. This material has proven its potential throughout time and has become unmatchable in terms of natural beauty and durability. So, the luxury market will likely choose hardwood floors made from mahogany, walnut, maple, oak, and cherry. Solid wood is also the favoured option for kitchens, as this high-end material promises a luxurious and whimsical look. For instance, solid oak kitchen doors and cabinets are popular for cabinetry, as they add a retro yet fancy feel to the cooking room. It’s also one of the less expensive on the list of hardwoods, so it’s very likely to be seen not only in luxury but also in normal houses.

Nonetheless, it’s essential to consider the overall design, not only the materials and finishes. Remember that it’s how all elements are connected to each other that gives a cohesive and harmonious look to a house. Also, sustainable materials are a real thing these days, so homebuyers will inevitably look for properties that promote sustainability combined with luxury.

Exquisite brands

High-end materials are in great demand, but so are luxurious brands. For an average home buyer, designer furnishings may not be on the list of priorities, but the luxury market pays much attention to this aspect. And it’s only normal to be so – no matter how much we want to believe that brands aren’t that significant in terms of clothing, accessories, or home design, the truth is that they are. And more often than not, they’ll be the one thing that will set apart a tastefully designed house from an average one. Although the finishing, colour, or material might seem the same as those of mass-market items, they aren’t in the eye of an expert.

Luxury homebuyers attach great importance to designer pieces, as these often denote a timeless appeal and help them incorporate their personal touch. For these people, uniqueness is essential, so as they dispose of the financial resources, they’ll design and decorate their homes sumptuously.

High-tech features

Technology has repeatedly proven its potential to make lives easier, so there’s no secret that homebuyers have their eyes peeled for high-tech features and amenities. These include everything from a top-notch security system and automated gates to ducted heating and cooling and a music system throughout the house. The reality is that most people seek to control the environment they live in with a simple touch of a button – not only is this much less stressful but also a luxury.

Smart home automation has started to gain ground, and one proof of it is the increasing desire for a security system, be it a security camera, smart doorbell, or an alarm. Such features have been around for a long time, but the technological advancements of today have made them even more worth adding in. Smart locks, for instance, communicate with the owner’s smartphone via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi and thus give them the chance of locking or unlocking their door from anyplace. Possessors can even give up on keys entirely and eliminate the risk of them being stolen or lost.

An outdoor feature

Indoors is in the spotlight, but this doesn’t mean outdoors is out of the equation. The outdoor space is actually a critical selling feature, and if it inspires luxury, it’s even better. Pools are certainly the most popular in this sense, as they provide unparalleled privacy, a suite of relaxation opportunities, social benefits, and add value to the property. But there are several other ideas to wow the luxury-seeking market – an outdoor kitchen or cinema and a paved patio, for example. This latter option is ideal for home workouts and al fresco dining, so people who often indulge in such activities will be enticed by an outdoor feature. 

Attention to detail and attentive services

Attention to detail is the one thing that will add uniqueness to a residence. Not to mention that the personal touch of someone is often in the details. So, luxury homebuyers will inevitably seek proficiently designed and crafted furnishings and features, such as an indoor spa or a personalised wine cellar. If real estate agents manage to provide peaky buyers with something that other houses don’t have, then they’ll win their hearts.

Attendant services like cooking, laundry, and housekeeping will also be a big plus, as many extravagant buyers are in search of this kind of services and ask for them to be included in the property. That’s because these individuals want to enjoy their residence and unwind without bothering about those little yet daily household chores.

That’s what luxury homebuyers crave these days.

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