Home working still too homely

Productivity expert Martin Geiger

More than half of us are still working from kitchens, living rooms, and bedrooms

ONLY four out of ten people (42%) working from home do so from a home office, with the remainder working from the kitchen or dining room (21%), their lounge (19%) or their bedroom (17%).

Only 32% of people say working from home is more productive, compared to 36% who say they are more productive in the office and 30% who say a hybrid arrangement makes them productive.

Seven out of ten employees expect employers to provide the correct equipment for working from home.

The survey of 1,000 UK employees which was conducted by office solutions supplier Fellowes Brands also reveals:

  • Whether working from home or the office, nine in ten employees (89%) rate satisfaction in their workspace as important, with a third (32%) saying they are up to 50% more productive when they are satisfied with their workspace.
  • 81% say having a good ergonomic environment, including a suitable desk, chair, and monitor at eye level is important to their productivity.
  • 79% say having access to the equipment they need, such as an extra monitor to view large documents, is important to their productivity.
  • 80% say it is important to their productivity thattheir employer invests in ergonomics.
  • 43% find well-ventilated and filtered air satisfying in their workspace
  • 77% say it is important for an employer to invest in clean, healthy air (e.g., using air purifiers) to facilitate productivity in their workspace.
  • 33% say they find breathing cleaner, healthier air satisfying at work.
  • 74% say it is important that an employer invests in equipment to shred sensitive documents.
  • 81% say having a clean, healthy workspace is important to their productivity.
  • 77% say it is important that an employer invests in effective storage and organisation solutions they need to be productive at the office.
  • 73% say it is important that an employer invests in equipment to produce high quality presentations and documents, including laminators and binders, they need to be productive at the office.

Productivity expert, Martin Geiger, said:

“The future of work is hybrid. No longer is working solely relegated to the company office; the modern workspace now involves employees splitting a portion of their time working from within the corporate office, and a portion working from the home office.

“Throughout my career working with some of the world’s biggest companies, one thing I’ve come to notice is that the most productive people all seem to have one commonality: satisfaction. To successfully transition to this exciting hybrid working future, employers must implement practical strategies that allow their employees to be satisfied with the setup within the corporate office, as well as within their home working environment.

“Employees who are well equipped and thus satisfied with their working conditions in both locations will lead to outcomes of higher productivity.”

Fellowes Brands offers solutions designed to aid employers in optimising their hybrid strategy, while satisfying employees in their hybrid workspaces.

Fellowes Brands UK Marketing Manager, Jeremy Cooper, said:

“The modern workspace is rapidly evolving, and with that comes a change in the tools that employees need to be successful and productive in their work. As employers begin to design new hybrid ways of working, ensuring that employers outfit their employees for both corporate and home office working will be key.

“At Fellowes Brands, we understand that hybrid working is the future and have built our hybrid workspace tools to meet the demands of this future, ensuring productivity for the long-term.”

The full survey results and their analysis can be found in Fellowes Brands’ new whitepaper, entitled ‘The Importance of Workspace Satisfaction’, authored by productivity expert, Martin Geiger, which can be downloaded at fellowes.com/fellowes-satisfaction.

Fellowes Brands ergonomics, monitor arms, shredders, binders, laminators, and bankers boxes, and more, can be found by visiting fellowes.com.

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