Historic Highland hotel welcomes record-breaking Running Out of Time climate racers

Kingshouse manager Ken Buchanan (fourth from left) and Running Out of Time climate runners at Glencoe

RELAY runners taking part in the biggest sporting celebration of climate action ever attempted in Britain have raced into Glencoe, enjoying a spot of traditional Scottish hospitality along the way. 

The Running Out of Time Relay team – who are attempting to pass a baton from Ben Nevis in the Highlands to Big Ben in London between 10 June and 11 July – exchanged their climate baton in front of the historic Kingshouse Hotel in Ballachulish on Saturday 10 June 2023.  

The runners received a warm welcome from Kingshouse Hotel staff and General Manager Ken Buchanan, before they enjoyed a comfortable night’s sleep and delicious breakfast at the venue the following day.  

Ken said: “We were thrilled to show our support for the Running Out of Time team and the fantastic cause it is promoting.  

“As a hotel we’re striving to improve our carbon footprint in several ways, such as using biomass to heat our rooms and filtering the spring water from the surrounding mountains for use throughout the venue.  

“Although we still have work to do, causes like Running Out of Time help us on our way to collectively achieving those goals.” 

Running Out of Time co-founder James Hay said: “A huge thank you to Kingshouse Hotel for their incredible support of the Running Out of Time relay.  

“Our stage three participants had the opportunity to traverse the breathtaking Scottish Highlands as they ran towards the hotel, and after the warmest of receptions from Ken and the Kingshouse team, our stage four runners were well rested and ready to go the following day. 

“We can’t thank them enough for their fantastic hospitality and wonderful support.” 

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