Green fulfilment secures 19th spot on Scotland’s fast growth 50 index for 2023

Co-founders Cain Fleming and Rukshar Ahmed

GLASGOW-BASED Green Fulfilment has claimed the 19th position on Scotland’s Fast Growth 50 index for 2023, a prestigious recognition of the company’s remarkable growth and contribution to Scotland’s economic landscape. The Fast Growth 50 index annually celebrates the fifty fastest-growing companies across various regions, with Green Fulfilment standing out for sustained growth and innovative practices.

Between 2020 and 2022, Green Fulfilment significantly contributed to the Fast Growth 50’s collective turnover increase to over £5 million. The company’s involvement also led to the creation of 11 new full-time permanent jobs, showcasing its impact on Scotland’s economic growth, especially in the post-COVID-19 era.

The Fast Growth 50 is a renowned annual index recognizing the top 50 fastest-growing companies in various regions, including Scotland. This year’s Scottish index showcases businesses from diverse sectors, collectively generating an impressive turnover of £891 million, with an average growth rate of 134 percent and nearly 2,488 jobs created in the previous year.

As a Fast Growth 50 member, Green Fulfilment has demonstrated outstanding performance, making a significant contribution to Scotland’s business community.

Professor Dylan Jones-Evans OBE, Founder of Fast Growth 50, highlighted the importance of fast-growth firms like Green Fulfilment in shaping the UK’s economic landscape, emphasising their contribution to innovation, enterprise, and hard work.

Cain Fleming, co-founder at Green Fulfilment, expressed pride in being named one of Scotland’s fastest-growing businesses, attributing the achievement to the hard work and dedication of the entire team. The company remains committed to growth and innovation, prioritising sustainability.

In 2024, Green Fulfilment plans to launch a new fulfilment warehouse, expanding its capacity by 50% to meet growing client demands. The expansion aims to support Just in Time (JIT) sellers and Amazon SFP with a 7-day approach. Additionally, the company plans to develop new fulfilment capabilities to cater to the rapid needs of TikTok and Spotify sellers.

Rukshar Ahmed, co-founder at Green Fulfilment, noted the company’s active pursuit of mergers and acquisitions to further strengthen its market position. Despite Brexit challenges, Green Fulfilment has received industry award nominations in 2023, and the team looks forward to what 2024 holds for the company.

For more information, visit Green Fulfilment.

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