Good tenant relations are key to landlord success 

Angela Fee (AnswerConnect)

By Angela Fee, Head of Mattering (Marketing) at AnswerConnect

AFTER a turbulent year, the UK property market is facing a number of challenges. As we look to 2023, strong tenant relations will be key to landlord success and to help navigate the bumps ahead.

In particular, the buy-to-let sector has been hit hard by an abrupt increase in interest rates. The challenge of keeping up with mortgages has left many private landlords with little choice but to sell up. That leaves the 11 million individuals relying on rentals short of options.

Landlords and letting agencies are exploring the next steps for maximising their business’ chance of survival over the coming months and years. Mounting anxiety around the future of rental properties will likely increase demand on landlords and agencies’ time.

Our research has demonstrated the challenges facing landlords due to growing demands. Almost half (49%) of the 2,000 respondents cited the phone as their preferred means of contact with their landlord. In turn, landlords are keen to maintain effective communication with their tenants and are exploring platforms to facilitate this.  

The current economic climate places both landlords and their tenants under increasing pressure. Maintaining clear lines of communication has never been more important. So what’s the solution?

By outsourcing their telephone customer service , letting agents can clear invaluable time to deal with any pressing issues facing tenants and landlords. It also provides a level of reassurance and flexibility that enquiries are being handled with care, during a time where it’s needed most.

Landlords recognise the importance of offering a timely service. They want to be there for their clients. However, time constraints can pose an obstacle to this. Virtual receptionist services help streamline communication, without sacrificing efficient customer service. It also provides a wide range of services to help letting agencies and landlords engage with clients in a more personal way, including appointment scheduling  and live chat. 

Our survey also highlighted that 84% of respondents prefer to speak to a real human being rather than an automated bot. By opting for a virtual receptionist service, businesses can save time and resources and give customers authentic human connection. 

The unpredictable economic climate makes for uncertainty in business and it’s difficult to entirely future proof against such challenges However, one thing is certain: quality relationships with tenants will remain crucial, and maintaining positive communication is a worthwhile investment.

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