Glasgow winner at awards for UK-wide managers

Michael English of Store First Glasgow receiving his award from Director Sarah Fretwell

STORE First, the self-storage solution company for both domestic and commercial clients, recently held an annual conference and awards at the luxury Crow Wood Hotel near its head office in Burnley. One of the annual awards went to the Glasgow branch, showing the great talent and service of their staff, beating the whole of the UK.

Store First measure their staff against targets including net growth, number of square feet rented, sales targets, and customer service shown to a mystery shopper. The proud winner of Most Rented Square Feet 2023, the highest across 16 locations, was Glasgow branch’s Michael English.

The two regional managers for Store First, Darrel Coggin and Dave Marsden, were also given special awards for performance – together they brought in in excess of 910,000 square footage of rentals in 2023, a great performance for the company.

Managing Director Toby Whittaker commented: “We have some fantastic staff across all the group, who are hard working and commercially focussed. I think it’s really important to recognise and praise performance, and these awards mean everyone can see who’s gone above and beyond this year – and I can’t thank them enough for it.

“With branches right across the UK, having a day like today where we can all get together in a fantastic hotel, network and spend time with each other, is really important for us all to relax and reset. Everyone is energised for the year ahead!”

Store First is the number one choice for self storage, offering individuals and businesses the cleanest, safest, cheapest and most comprehensive self storage in the UK. See more here:

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