Glasgow ultra low emission zones branded “a failure” as more than 11% of Glaswegians predicted they wouldn’t work


AS NEW data reveals that Glasgow’s air pollution has risen by 10%, many members of the public are calling the ULEZ scheme a failure. 

The team at DriveElectric surveyed 2,001 drivers in the UK to find out their opinions on ultra-low emission zones. The survey found that 11% of Glaswegians didn’t believe that the ultra low emission zones would work, and 17% didn’t want to pay the charge. 

Public opinion about ultra low emissions zones by region:

What is your opinion on ultra low emission zones?BelfastBirminghamBristolCardiffEdinburghGlasgowLeedsLiverpoolLondonManchesterNewcastleNorwichNottinghamSheffieldSouthampton
In favour of them19%33%32%26%31%22%26%25%31%25%18%28%25%27%30%
In favour of them only if the air pollution is bad in that area51%35%46%28%42%49%34%25%38%33%27%22%40%36%28%
They’re great for the environment19%28%19%19%14%17%21%22%31%35%26%22%26%25%31%
I don’t want to pay the charge12%24%25%40%19%17%29%46%25%29%46%37%35%39%28%
I don’t mind paying the charge0%2%7%4%5%1%4%5%8%6%8%4%7%4%8%
They don’t work19%10%11%19%11%11%19%14%15%9%12%16%13%5%14%
  • Less than a quarter of Glasgow’s respondents said they are in favour of low emission zones and over 10% believe they do not work.

*Note: Respondents were allowed to “select all that apply” for the survey and therefore many will have chosen multiple options, which may have led to some percentages adding up to more than 100%. 

The research also revealed the following about Glasgow:

  • It is 18.98% more expensive to drive a diesel car than an EV in Glasgow. Per 100 miles, an EV costs £9.44 to run, compared to a diesel car which costs £11.66.
  • When it comes to petrol cars, they cost £10.05 per 100 miles to run in Glasgow. This means it is 6.00% cheaper to drive an EV, which costs £9.44 for the same mileage.

The full study is available here:

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