Glasgow named fourth largest business hub in the UK


A NEW interactive tool from professional cleaning service provider, Perfect Clean, reveals Glasgow as the second largest “hotspot” for wholesale, retail and repairs services.

One million company records have been analysed to show where the industry hubs of the UK are. 

Focussing on the UK’s top 10 industries and largest cities by population, Glasgow was found to be the fourth largest home for business.

Furthermore, data has shown that Glasgow ranks as the second largest hub for wholesale, retail and repairs companies in the UK.

Of Glasgow’s 53,721 businesses in the top 10 industries, a total of 10,401 offer wholesale, retail and repairs services. Across the UK, this industry provides work to 3.6 million people and held a 15 percent share of all UK business last year – making it one of the UK’s largest.

Other dominant local industries include professional, scientific and technical and real estate businesses, with totals of 9,215 and 6,887 active companies respectively.

At the other end of the scale, transport and storage businesses see the lowest activity in Glasgow of the industries analysed, with only 1,637 establishments offering these services. Across each major city analysed, Glasgow ranked fifth overall for businesses in this category.

Number of businesses in the UK’s top cities

The below table shows the full extent of business activity across Glasgow, compared with other cities.

Commenting on the data, Managing Director of Perfect Clean, Emilia Ferenc, says: “It is wonderful to see Glasgow place so highly in our study when it comes to retail and repair activities, and we hope this information will prove encouraging to anyone seeking employment in this area.

Likewise, although our data has shown the region’s transport and storage activities at the lower end of the scale, this presents a fantastic window of opportunity for existing businesses and entrepreneurial minds to take the reins and bring new business to the area.

Overall, we hope that this tool proves an invaluable asset to anyone seeking new professional ventures.”

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