Glasgow-based firm celebrates St Andrews Day by announcing its one billionth contact lens sale

Ron Hamilton (Daysoft)

GLASGOW-BASED contact lens company daysoft® is celebrating St Andrews Day with the latest announcement that it has today sold its one billionth daily-disposable lens, marking a significant new chapter in the company’s illustrious history.

The family-run firm operates out of a single facility in Blantyre, Scotland, and it has been able to differentiate itself from rivalling multinational companies in the growing global contact lens market for the last 16 years with its unique direct-to-customer business-model.

daysoft® supplies contact lens replacements directly to wearers around the world that already have a prescription through their website. This has reduced the role of the optician to eye-care and supplying a prescription which resulted in widespread criticism in the optical industry.

This model also means that daysoft® consistently provides its customers with the world’s most affordable contact lens at 20 pence per lens.

daysoft® continues to build its strong and loyal customer base with more than 100,000 people in 93 countries worldwide wearing their soft lenses every day, with more than 90% being monthly return customers.

Having established itself already in the UK market daysoft® has experienced most of its growth has been experienced in the US market

The recipient of the one billionth lens who wants to remain unnamed is based in County Durham and is a loyal daysoft® customer.

When asked to comment, the daysoft® customer said: “Aside from the affordability and quality of the lenses, the key reason reported as to why wearers stick with daysoft® especially through a tough couple of years is the level of transparency you get with the service. It’s not surprising over one billion lenses have been sold.”

daysoft® customers have 24/7 access to a Customer Care team that deal with individual queries and as well as access to a no-quibble money-back guarantee. daysoft® now boasts a five-star rating from more than 15,000 five-star customer reviews.

Ron Hamilton, the Founder and Chairman of daysoft®, who is also the inventor of the first daily- disposable contact lens, is now setting his sights on the growing global contact lens market.

According to new research conducted by SkyQuest over one billion people (14% of the global population) require vision correction and widespread demand for contact lenses is expected to continue to rise.

The study also estimates that the global contact lens market will grow by 5.9% to $14.02 billion by 2028 with the daily-disposable segment predicted to be the fastest-growing product type.

On the milestone, Ron Hamilton said: “Today’s welcome news is a cause for further celebration on St Andrews Day in Scotland and for our customers around the world. Not only have we sold one billion lenses, we have also saved people who have switched to daysoft® from other suppliers more than £200 million in total. We want to thank all our customers for buying our lenses and buying into what we are doing.

“When Moya and I started this company in 2001, we set out with a goal of reducing the financial burden on contact lens wearers around the world, and we were underestimated by the industry. Reaching this milestone validates our mission and our revolutionary business-model, so we couldn’t be happier. But the job is not done yet.

“Increasingly more people are needing to buy contact lenses worldwide and billions of families are feeling the squeeze from global financial pressures, especially due to COVID. We will continue to make sure daysoft® offers the most affordable and healthiest type of lens on the market, all produced here in the UK.”

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