Full-scope contract to service turbines at Scottish wind farm project

Strathallan Turbines

FULL Circle Wind Services, the independent, multi-brand wind turbine services group, is announcing today the start of a new, long term, maintenance contract with with Zephyrus Green Energy with the assistance of Green Cat Renewables. The contract will cover full-scope O&M services for the recently installed and commissioned four Enercon E-70 turbines at the Strathallan Wind Farm Project in the Perthshire, Scotland.

Following completion of site commissioning, Full Circle will commence services in May 2024. The four Enercon E70 turbines have been installed and commissioned by Business in Wind. Given the challenges in new installations in onshore wind in the UK, it is becoming increasingly important to find innovative ways to deliver and maintain new onshore wind generation.

More than three-quarters of the renewable electricity generated in Scotland in 2023 came from wind technologies. New figures for 2023 show Scotland continues to generate more electricity than it uses, with net exports to other UK nations worth an estimated £1.5 billion.

Billy Stevenson, CEO, Full Circle Wind Services said:

“We are delighted to have been selected by Green Cat Renewables and Zephyrus Green Energy to service their Enercon turbines at Strathallan. This new contract is yet another vote of confidence in Full Circle’s expertise and professionalism in multi-brand O&M service. We are looking forward to collaborating with Green Cat Renewables and Zephyrus Green Energy to keep their Strathallan Enercon turbines in optimal condition and support their energy contribution to the Scottish grid.”

Gavin Catto, CEO, Green Cat Group said:

“Strathallan is an exciting new development for Green Cat. In the later phases, it is planned that the wind project will be married up with a solar farm and used for co-located generation of electrolytic hydrogen.  This use of co-located technologies, and the use of second-hand machines, are just some of the innovative ways we are responding to the changing needs and economics of the energy industry in Scotland.  We look forward to a long-term, mutually beneficial working relationship with Full Circle.”

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