From Big Pharma to Managing Time: Meet Life Coach Sarah Stewart

Sarah Stewart. (Photo: Bex Maini /

WITH a PhD in pharmaceutical sciences and a background in corporate project management within the pharmaceutical industry, Sarah Stewart isn’t perhaps your average time management coach. But a life-changing event at the tender age of 19 left an indelible mark on Sarah, and informed her decision, some 20 years later, to move into a role where she could help others make better use of their time.

“When my Mum died I was still at uni, and suddenly had to take on a lot of the family responsibilities, while dealing with my grief,” explains Sarah. “My Dad recognised I was struggling and set me up with a therapist to help me through that difficult period. My lasting impression from the experience is an acute awareness and profound understanding of how little time we have, and how we can better use it – I’ve been conscious of how I use mine ever since.”

Now a single mum of two living in Giffnock, Sarah is applying the experiences she’s honed managing corporate projects for over a decade into helping others manage their time more efficiently. “Organisation, systems and processes are my jam,” she laughs. “The skills I’ve developed in industry are highly transferable to supporting and encouraging others to work out how best to spend their days. I derive great satisfaction from helping people work out what’s important to them, and identify the small, incremental changes that can make a big difference.”

Offering one-to-one coaching, 60minute time audits and courses in project managing your life, Sarah’s coaching is for anyone feeling overwhelmed, stressed or confused about how to prioritise multiple and often conflicting demands on their time. From individuals to small businesses, her approach has helped a wide range of people across Scotland. Set within a framework of simplicity and intentional living, her sessions focus on prioritisaton, setting boundaries and managing calendars, in such a way as to empower people to make sustainable changes to their businesses and their lives.

“We are all capable of making more time for ourselves, but it’s hard to do it alone,” continues Sarah. “I help by challenging my clients, in a good way – I hold them accountable while cheering them on all the way. At the end of the process they feel organised, confident and ready to succeed, and it’s always a huge privilege to play a part in that.”

A certified life coach with a focus on time management, Sarah has an established client base and continues to invest in her own personal and professional development to ensure she provides a high standard of coaching to others. When she’s not helping people carve out more time for the things that matter, Sarah can be found at the easel working on her latest acrylic artwork, volunteering at the Prince and Princess of Wales Hospice in Glasgow, or exploring Scotland in her campervan with her kids.

For more information, visit or email to take the first step towards making more of your time.

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