Foxlake Adventures doubles size of Aqua Park on Dundee’s waterfront

Aqua Park on Dundee's waterfront
Aqua Park on Dundee's waterfront

Foxlake Adventures has doubled the size of its floating obstacle course from 300 sq m to 600 sq m after welcoming 12,000 visitors in the first 12months, with staff numbers going from 15 to 20 and five new vacancies to help meet demand.

Situated in Dundee’s waterfront, the 5 Star VisitScotland attraction has been a hive of activity since it opened in 2017 with wakeboarding and Ringo Rides and in 2018, the arrival of the new Aqua Park and yoga paddle boarding.

Suitable for thrill seekers aged eight and upwards the floating playground tests the balance and coordination of up to 24 people at a time with the aim of making their way around the wide variety of obstacles without falling in.

To celebrate the 1st anniversary and success of the Aqua Park, Foxlake Dundee is hosting a family fun day on Sunday, 7th July, from 11am to 4pm, to raise money for Action for Children which gives children and young people the practical and emotional support to help them build the skills they need for adulthood.  

Callum Mark, Director of Foxlake Dundee, said “We are delighted to be expanding our Aqua Park on the waterfront of Dundee, which has been a huge hit with locals and tourists since we launched last year.

“To celebrate the anniversary and as a thank you to everyone who has supported us for the last year, we are hosting a special family fun day to raise funds for Action for Children.

“Whether visitors drop in during the day to take part in our activities or to watch the pro riders, it’s guaranteed to be a great family fun day out and a fantastic opportunity to raise funds for an incredible charity at the same time.”

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