Forth Valley Chamber of Commerce launch track and trace web app for businesses

Lynn Blaikie, president of Forth Valley Chamber of Commerce

FORTH Valley Chamber of Commerce has launched a data collection app for the area’s business community.

The Track and Trace web app gives business owners a platform to securely check customers in and collect the data needed to support the Scottish Government’s Test and Protect Programme.

Visitors simply scan a QR code with a smartphone on entry and input their contact information to be held securely for use if required by NHS Scotland.

This means that after the first sign-in, they can check in easily and securely each time they visit a café, restaurant, hotel or visitor attraction which is using the app.

The initiative is the latest measure rolled out by the Chamber’s team who have been supporting their 180 members since the start of the Covid-19 crisis.

Lynn Blaikie, president, said: The Track and Trace app gives businesses the chance to quickly and securely capture the data needed with a minimum of fuss.

“It will help give visitors and customers the confidence to go back into Forth Valley establishments knowing the necessary contact tracing information is being collected in line with GDPR requirements.

“It also illustrates how our businesses are working collaboratively across the region and are serious about doing all they can to protect their customers and visitors.

“Since the start of the crisis we’ve been here to help Forth Valley businesses in any way we can and will continue to do that.”

The web app can be tailored for any business and is available free to Chamber members and at a small cost to other Forth Valley companies.

Ms Blaikie added: “We expect it to be particularly popular with our hotels and restaurants but it’s not just for the hospitality industry – it can also be used, for example, by visitor attractions and any firms which have contractors or visitors coming into their premises.”

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