Firm launches £1m commercial energy mis-selling claim that will ‘shake up industry’

Callum Thompson (managing director at Business Energy Claim)

A SPECIALIST energy claims firm has launched an unprecedented legal action against energy suppliers totalling almost £1m for alleged energy mis-selling – and insists this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Business Energy Claims (BEC), based in the North East, has a strong track record in helping businesses recover hidden losses from the mis-selling of commercial energy contracts by brokers.

Now BEC has vowed to shake up the industry as it focuses on targeting energy suppliers. It has 11 different energy suppliers in the crosshairs as part of an initial wave of legal claims aimed at recovering almost £1m on behalf of companies who were mis-sold commercial energy contracts.

Callum Thompson, managing director at Business Energy Claims, says they are confident of success – and warns BEC is handling many more claims yet to come on behalf of wronged businesses.

“We are, in many cases, representing small businesses and organisations that simply do not have this money to spare, such as schools, churches and local retailers,” said Thompson.

“In our experience, the suppliers have been waiting for this to happen and our message to them is clear – we are coming for them and this will send shockwaves throughout the industry.” 

“We have started legal proceedings against suppliers. This is an exciting challenge for us – one we are relishing. We feel very strongly about it, which is why we are taking this stance and we want to address this major issue within the industry.” 

“Our message is clear: In the past we have had success with claims against the energy brokers who have been mis-selling commercial energy contracts, but now is the time to step up a level and target the main suppliers.”

He added: “We always had in our sights that we would be pursuing the suppliers for these claims due to their complicity and the fact that they are aiding and abetting the energy brokers in the mis-selling.”

“The suppliers, from our experience, have been waiting for this to happen and it’s a challenge we are confident of succeeding with.”

“The profits these companies are making right now is in stark contrast to what is going on in our communities with people struggling to pay the ever-rising bills and record profits being recorded by the very companies we are now going for.”

“We are seeing energy companies posting record profits, whilst smaller companies are forced to cut jobs or even close their because as they cannot afford the stifling costs. We hope this will go some small way to redress the balance and we would urge any business owner that may have been mis-sold energy to consider a legal claim.”

The claims have been supported by a specialist insurance provider, which means clients will not be exposed to any adverse costs and the claims will all be issued by the end of September 2022.

It is expected that there will be many more that follow with BEC acquiring hundreds of clients on a monthly basis who will be soon commencing legal action.

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