Financial Barriers Prevent Scots from Taking Summer Holidays


A new poll shows money is the biggest barrier to people from Scotland going on a summer holiday.

New research released today by Family Holiday Charity shines a light on the barriers that are stopping people from going on a Summer holiday this year, with money (47%) topping the list for those living in Scotland.

The poll, undertaken by YouGov, is part of a new UK-wide campaign, Holiday Moments launched by Family Holiday Charity which aims to highlight the magic of small moments that can make a holiday extraordinary for families who are facing life’s toughest challenges.

The findings also showed that more than a quarter (31%) of the people living in Scotland cannot afford to go on a summer holiday this year or have to save for a year or more before.

The poll also highlighted that across the UK:

  • 3% of UK adults say they have never been on a summer holiday.
  • 12% of UK adults feel that family commitments are a barrier to going on a summer holiday.
  • 11% of UK adults find the organisation of planning a holiday a barrier.
  • 17% of UK adults will have saved a year or more in advance to pay for their summer holiday this year.
  • 11% of UK adults say they cannot afford to go on a summer holiday this year.
  • 20% of UK adults said that they find themselves returning to the same childhood location at least once a year to create a new summer holiday memory.

These findings come at a time when UK families are already feeling the pinch with the cost-of-living crisis and demand for a moment away from it all has never been higher.

Holiday Moments has been launched by Family Holiday Charity to raise awareness of the charity’s work and help people understand that holidays are a vital part of family life and they play an important role in people’s well-being. 2,500,000 families with dependent children in the UK are currently unable to afford a one-week holiday.

Family Holiday Charity helps families get time away together – often for the first time ever – for holidays that build happy memories, confidence and hope.

Kat Lee, CEO of Family Holiday Charity said: “This poll demonstrates that there are so many different barriers faced by people who want to go on holiday and this just shouldn’t be the case.

“For many families in Scotland, the magic of small holiday moments like ice cream treats, penny machine victories or quality time together are out of reach.

“Family Holiday Charity know that every family needs that time together to grow, play, and just be together. Even a moment can make a lifetime of difference.“

Family Holiday Charity helps families to have a holiday. Those who are facing life’s toughest challenges, such as mental health issues, domestic abuse, and homelessness.

Every family needs time together to have fun, try new things, and see each other smile. We know that families who get away together, grow together – into stronger happier, and more confident families.

The impact of time away spent together as a family lasts forever.”

A new short film featuring families highlights the difference that a holiday can make for them, alongside showcasing some of the experiences of people who have been on holiday through the charity.

One family which has benefitted from a holiday thanks to Family Holiday Charity is 34-year-old Kirsty Hay from Gloucestershire was supported by the charity last year so that she could take her three young children on holiday to Bognor Regis.

She said: “We’d only been away once before a long time ago, so it was so wonderful for us all to spend quality time together as a family away from the normal routine of life.“

“We loved every single minute of our holiday but for me, in particular, it was so special to see the excitement and happiness on their little faces every day as they got to try out new activities.

It also gave me more confidence as a mum, and I could let them have a bit of independence as I found myself not worrying so much as I was much more relaxed on holiday.

“Everyone deserves to have the chance go on holiday to make special memories and we can’t thank the charity enough for helping us make memories of our own.”

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