Fifer’s to benefit from free meditation classes

Scott Hutchison-McDade

FIFE-based award-winning wellbeing centre, the Centre for Positive Change, located in Kirkcaldy, featuring two yoga & wellbeing studios and a therapy suite, brings free Meditation classes to the Kingdom.

Scott Hutchison-McDade, Founder, said: “from the very first day we started sharing the art of self-care, we have worked hard to give back as much as possible, from a 27-mile charity walk from Dysart to North Queensferry raising funds for fife charities, to five months of complimentary online classes during the first lockdown. It is a challenging time currently, with the cost-of-living crisis adding extra stress and anxiety for many”.

In October 2022, Scott started a weekly free face to face Meditation class and has just announced that these free weekly meditation classes will continue throughout 2023 and due to popular demand, he is also going to be offering a second free weekly class from February. He added, “Meditation is a great practice to support us in bolstering feelings of calmness, clarity and profound relaxation and I am delighted that these meditation classes have had such a positive impact on the local community”.

Scott has a unique approach that draws on a fusion of ancient practices from different cultures and belief systems to form a systematic approach to emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing. 

Anyone looking to try this class, can attend on Thursday at 5pm (booking required via their website or free app), which is packed with meditations and sound journeys to practice self-care at home or on the go.

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