FarrPoint secure new 4-year contract with Scottish Futures Trust

CEO of FarrPoint, Dr Andrew Muir

FARRPOINT is delighted to announce a significant new contract to support Scottish Futures Trust in the delivery of keys areas of the Scottish Government’s 5G strategy.

FarrPoint, which is headquartered in Edinburgh, has supported central and local government throughout the UK to drive the rollout of high-speed digital connectivity. A major part of this work involved supporting broadband and the most recent full-fibre programmes, both in urban centres and the most rural geographies. With the increasing reliance on mobile connectivity, and the launch of 5G, improved mobile coverage is now becoming an essential requirement for businesses, government and the public, alongside fixed connectivity.

The Scottish Government set out its 5G strategy in late 2019 with an aspiration for Scotland to be at the forefront of this revolution and, ultimately, to establish the whole country as a leading 5G digital nation.

Scottish Futures Trust, the infrastructure centre of expertise owned by the Scottish Government, is taking a leading role in delivering key aspects of this ambition.  In order to meet the Government’s goals, many different aspects of digital connectivity need to be considered, ensuring the supporting infrastructure of fibre, radio sites, data centres and international connectivity is all in place to help deliver the revolution that 5G promises.

As such, Scottish Futures Trust required independent support from a consultancy team with demonstrable experience in these areas and with a solid, well established understanding of the practical as well as theoretical. FarrPoint was appointed as a result of a competitive tender and will now support Scottish Futures Trust for the next four years to help further develop Scotland’s connectivity and position the country firmly on the world’s stage.

Dr Andrew Muir, CEO of FarrPoint said “We’re absolutely delighted to have been appointed by Scottish Futures Trust on this major programme of work for Scotland. 5G can support so many new use cases both in urban and rural geographies and the journey is only beginning. That is an exciting and rewarding place to be for our consultants and we really look forward to working with Scottish Futures Trust to support the delivery of the Government’s ambition. It’s going to be an exciting ride!”

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